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    Fire starter straws

    Here is what you need:
    Cotton balls
    Dryer lint
    Petroleum jelly
    Ziploc bag

    Here is what you do:
    1) Place cotton balls, dryer lint, and jelly in ziploc bag (pull the cotton balls apart before putting them in the bag). Close bag, squeeze-squish-squeeze-squish until the material is saturated with jelly.

    2) Cut straws into 2" sections. Hold one end closed with the pliers, leaving about an 1/8" exposed. Melt the 1/8" section with the lighter, and flatten against pliers with the lighter shroud.

    3) Pull material from bag, and roll into long thin cylinder shape, feed into straw, compact with bobby-pin until 1/4" from end. Melt open end in the same manner you melted the other end.

    To Light:
    Cut fire starter in half, pull out material, fray so you have a larger surface area, use fire steel or anything that throws a spark to shower the material with sparks. It will catch fire very easily.

    Small, neat, no mess, easy to store.
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    I learned how to do that a long time ago. I'm sure I could repeat the process if I had to. I bought a magnesium anode for a water heater at work. It's 3/4" diameter and 30" long, so I cut into 3 pcs. It's harder than the store bought things, but it does work

    Great idea Grump. More work than I care to invest though.:eek:
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