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    what kind of hoops/hurdles does someone have to go through is they want to build their own gun from scratch. you know one of those firearm blueprints that can be bought. is there a cost to register the firearm. any testing requirements/ maximum number that you can make/produce? I live in Minnesota. I want to be completly legal.

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    Re: firearm manufacture
    Ohhhhh, I see. I answered your question in Tech thinking you were talking about a sporting firearm.

    It would be illegal to manufacture an "assault weapon". Making a NFA firearm requires prior approval of and a tax payment to ATF. ATF will not approve an application for a machinegun unless you can provide documentation that the gun is being made for a federal or state agency.

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    Actually i'm refering to building a bolt action rifle such as a 50 cal.

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    Well as long as your not a criminal, just contact the BATF (local office) and ask them for a description of the requirements on building and "marking" the rifle. Just a phone call away, fast and simple. I have found them very helpful in the past. Regards LTS
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