firearm question.

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by dbrown1997, Oct 4, 2011.

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    Apple Valley, Ca.
    By the way Capt, I had a thought or two on your "last shot hold open" question in the .22 thread that may be stuff you already know but then's there if you want read it.
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    Dec 16, 2008

  3. COOL TY I had not seen it yet but I'm headed there NOW!

    Hey FUZE I WAS trying to be Sincer when I said that was GREAT INFO 4 the Youngster (I'm Happy he is asking Questions & NOT going about it the WRONG WAY!)
    It's just the one liners you pop out that in some kinda sick way remind me of my Pops he was so quick witted & would hit ya with a one liner like Hank AARON hit Homers! ( & You do that to)
    I put my .02 in there & got tears talking about him & what can I say you kinda bring him back in here 4 awhile & its been making me smile:D
    I said in a differant post I bet you would be cool to hang out with & have a Beer / Soda in my case & I ment EVERY bit of it Cheers 2 ya!:D
    I would LOVE nothing better than 2 see this young man go shooting (SAFELY)
    As I asked if in the Burbs City or country You & I both know once it leaves the mussel it could be VERY BAD if your Not paying att or fooling around,
    some where you shouldent be Ect...
    I was lucky my Pops took me shooting allot & we hunted deer in Ga on my sisters land every year till his death last new years eve.
    I'm Truly happy you have gotten where your at in your guns & places with them even know your pops was not interested. I know allot of people my age (54) that just ai'in into them.
    Do I have a problem with that? HELL NO
    I think as We have knowlage we "Earned" growing up EACH of us DIFFERANT
    our DUTY is to try to help these youngsters to be RESPONSCIBLE if your taught early it just stays with you (like riding a bike)
    OR the alternative he buys / aquires a gun then in a time of "DUMB" hanging out with some of the Wrong kind of kids---Hes in trouble ,,,hurts someone or wores Kills someone NOW he's in Prison the rest of his life..
    I APPLAUDE him 4 at least ASKING its a step in the RIGHT Direction!
    I STILL think tho----he should try talking to HIS dad first.
    If pops kinda dont wanna do it theres places (Big Brothers) & others that he would do great at.
    Sorry 4 the rant.
  5. dbrown1997

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    Oct 4, 2011
    well i leave in a town with only 1000 people and the nearest town is 15 miles away so what would that count as.
  6. LOL WAY BETTER than I GOT it theres NOWHERE 4 me 2 shoot anymore by me.
    My pops took me out in the everglades when I was your age.:D
    NOW theres a 6 lane Highway out there & Houses jammed in there thick!:eek:
    Go out anywhere & Shoot & get caught Your in Trouble!:banghead:
    I use the ranges now!
    BUT ON 2 YOU!
    Is there a SAFE place for you to shoot if & when you get a weapon?
    IS THERE A Berm,, Hill,, Something thats a natural back stop?
    Any houses,,stores,,schools,,with in (IF YOUR SHOOTING A 22) a MILE?
    Is there a youth group in your town?
    Look into big brothers I used 2 shoot with 2 guys that volenteered there.
    Ask your local police dept, is there somewhere I can shoot?
    AND REMEMBER THIS an AK (You said you wanted)
    shoots BIG ROUNDS & (Very EXPENCIVE) that go a LONG way.
    22's that most EVERYONE here is trying to steer you to you can shoot at ALOT more places than a AK (Food 4 thought):thumbsup:
    And I GUARENTEE you'll have JUST AS MUCH FUN! & WAY cheaper to shoot :thumbsup:
    I pay about $20.00 for a box of Federal 550's ( I buy 2-3 @ a time):D
    @ Wal-Mart shoot for hours!
    JUST learn to be SAFE thats the BEST I can tell ya.;)
    IF you ever wanna talk or ask a Question you Dont wanna Post it.
    PM me & if I can answer it I will,,, or I will steer you to someone that CAN!
  7. goofy

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    Feb 7, 2011
    dbrown1997. I have been reading this post and want to add a couple of things.
    1st a .22 is the best to start with they make target backstops for .22 that can be used anywhare even in your basement. They do not cost much and can be transported anywhare.
    Saying that I have to say that your dad has the final say you are only 14 you are under his control for at lest 4 more years.Anything you do can be brought back on your dad.If he says you can go to someone else like boysclub or boyscouts or ANY one else to learn to shot it's ok but if he says no then it is no.
    Take it slow and talk to him show him your thread and TALK TO HIM you see if you get a gun with out his ok then you are going to be in trouble. Because your dad is legally responsible for you and your actions HE can get in trouble for your actions.(BIG TROUBLE!)
    I know 4 years seems to be a long time for you but it is NOT your choice and you will learn in time that waiting is a good thing.
    To all here that is giveing this young man advice remember he is a minor and has a mom and dad who is in control HE HAS TO HAVE THERE PERMISSION to do anything! and when you are talking guns that is even more important.
    You need to be mindfull that you are talking to a minor and your advice could be against what his mom and dad want.
    Be carefull of what you say REMEMBER he IS a minor and is still under the age of consent.And can do NOTHING with out his parents permission. You have said about how much trouble he can get into but not how much he can get his parents into.
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  8. ampaterry

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    Dec 20, 2008
    West Tennessee
    I lived in IL and bought a high-powered rifle when I was about your age.
    BUT -
    Back then there was no FOID in IL.
    And I had owned BB guns and pellet rifles since I was 10, and a .22 single shot since I was 12. My family were all involved in guns, and I grew up handling them with their permission.
    I owned a .22 pistol which I wore around town without any issue back then -
    BUT -
    That was a different age, a different era.
    Here you are in the 21st century in a family that does not own guns (no FOID= no guns) and you want to trick your way into owning a semi-automatic high power rifle for your first gun.
    I cannot urge you too strongly to FORGET this dangerous and illegal idea.

    Checking the ISP site, I find NO provision for "gifting" a gun to anyone that does not have a valid FOID. It is illegal for you to possess one regardless of how you aquire it, without a valid FOID.

    Now -
    Your DAD can get a FOID, then he can sponsor YOU to get one, and you could then legally own a gun in the Land of Lincoln, but there is no other way until you reach 21 years of age, when you can get a FOID on your own.

    But on the bright side, some things are WORTH waiting for!!
  9. Double D

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    North Florida
    Goofy, I agree with you here. He is only 14 and we really dont need to be telling him anything. We dont have a clue what he is into and what his relationship is like with his parents. They may not want him to have a gun and there may be good reason. We just dont know. If you cant get your dad to help you, we arent about to help you find ways around your dad to get you a gun at 14. At least I wont. Goofy gave you a good suggestion. There are boys clubs and NRA shooting programs that offer youth programs all over the country. That would be your best place to start. If you prove you are a responsible type, that will go a long way with your parents. You have access to the web so start surfing for youth programs in your area. Good luck.
  10. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    dbrown1997, G'day and welcome to the forum , it's good to see a young person interested in shooting , but there are some issues , i'm 54 , my kids are grown and times have changed , i wish you could run around free as a bird with a .22 like i did as a kid , but times change and the world aint what it was

    your folks , they should be included in all you do in shooting , not a bunch of strangers , even if i think this bunch here is pretty hard to beat , your 14 , its still time to follow what they say

    the laws , heck they outright suck in places ( like here) i know in some places in the US you cant be alone with a rifle unless your 18 or in the company of a person 18 + , some states require parental permission , ( hence why i say get your folks involved , until your 18 they have a lot of say over you so keep that bridge up eh..)

    check for yourself with the law what they say , we may be giving you bad advices , your county may have a rule we dont know

    check for yourself and know , thats best

    but again your 14 , i as a a parent would be ticked and worried your getting advice on firearms from strangers , especially legal advice , suss out your county laws and state laws and you'll know first hand and if someone rousts you read em the law back ..

    the law works on your side too , educate yourself what you can do , you'll be surprised

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  11. goofy

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    Feb 7, 2011
    dbrown1997 I do not mean to be a hard butt. But you have to understand we here are adults (most of us) and although we can understand that it is great to see a young man like yourself interested in guns(and it sounds like you have done some homework on guns) We do not want to incourage you to do ANYTHING with out your parents being involved.You sound like a smart young man and I am shure you understand that if your parents do not want you to do something and you take something wrong that is said to you here it could be trouble for ALL involved.So with that said I would like you to talk to your dad tell him how you feel remember he can't read your mind you need to talk to him. Do not TELL him ASK him about what you want. See what he has to say.
    If you get the info. about boys club or boy scouts or NRA shooting then he might see you are doing your homework and thinking about it.This could show him that you are responsable enough to get into it. He might even get into it with you to learn more about guns and end up takeing you shooting!
    Remember you are just learning and you need to learn to shoot the right way.You have a long time to learn ( we all learn something every day) You might as well do it the right way first.This includes how to handle talking to your parents about things they may or may not agree with.
    You can do it!
  12. JLA

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    Heart Of Texas
    If youre not legally old enough to go purchase one you cannot legally carry one without a parent present...
  13. Dirtypacman

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    You'll shoot your eye out kid!

    Just had to do it.

    Sounds like your best bet is to think like an adult on this one. Put together a plan of action say "Dad if I pay for your license would you pay for my first .22" >?

    See where that goes.
  14. fuzebox40

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  15. geds

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    Mar 27, 2011
    Just in case you didn't get the reference it was from the Christmas classic movie "Red Ryder." The boy in the movie wanted a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas and the response from everyone was "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" He gets the dream gun, promptly goes outside shooting, and ricochets a shot into his glasses breaking them. Then, he remembers everyone's warning!

    Remember, most of us are old farts! ;)
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