First batch of clean brass - I'm impressed

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    I clean the ID of case necks. The neck holds the bullet. The clean neck is as important as having clean bullets. I would not want carbon covered bullets. The very fact that fouling is not laid down even in the neck is another reason to clean the neck IDs. In all cases lube should be removed from the necks with a 92% low water base alcohol. The clean surface of the neck and bullet produce positive friction.
    During anealing with a torch set the cases in a pan of water. The surface of the water should contact the case not more than a 1/4" below the shoulder. The tip of the torch should turn the case neck an even cherry red. When the neck is hot tip it into the water. There are many ways to soften brass. Check hot lead aneal and oven aneal both allow for constant readable results.;)
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