First handgun

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by jbettin, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. 1911 man

    1911 man New Member

    Sep 23, 2010
    a ruger super redhawk will fill any job you need it to,and it will last forever
  2. roaddog28

    roaddog28 New Member

    Jul 28, 2009
    For hunting in 44 mag a Ruger Redhawk 5 1/2 barrel is a option or in single action a Blackhawk in a 4 5/8 barrel. The Blackhawk convertible is a great option but factory ammo for 45LC is harder to find. Most people I know with the Blackhawk convertible in 45LC and 45ACP reload. Actually if you do reload the Blackhawk convertible is the best option.

    Good luck,
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