Flintlock caliber?

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    I have a flintlock musket that I think was a kit(?) from back in the '60's. It is marked "US" but was made in Japan. The muzzle measures about 0.66 in and the plunger (rod) measures 0.60 at the flat end. My question is: what is the caliber of this musket?

  2. You need to take a set of calipers and measure across the inside of the muzzle to be even close to what caliber. It should be marked on it some where as to either caliber, bore, or mm. Pictures also help in identifying what type thus what caliber it should be.

  3. mark_baron

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    I used a caliper to get the measurements I mentioned.
    It is not marked anywhere.

    Maybe it is a shotgun (fowling piece)? Could be about 20 ga.

    Picture attached.

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    Oct 22, 2008
    Is it a smooth bore? Does it have front and rear sights? If yes to both, it is a smoothbore musket, not a shotgun. If no rear sight, but a bead on the front, it is a shotgun. A 20 gauge is about .61 caliber or .61". Your measurement shows it to be a .66 caliber.
  5. It is one of the Japanese Miroku attempt at a repro trade gun. They were meant to be 12 gauge but are actually 16 ga. They shoot a 645 patched round ball and are smooth bore. A buddy of mine has one, they do a decent job however they will not pass at historical re-enactments that are juried.
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    Front site (not bead), no rear site. See additional photos.

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    Actually, most smoothbore muskets, Fusils, and Trade Guns from the late 18th and Early 19th Century didn't have a rear sight, just a front bead. In fact it was rare to find a true musket from back then WITH a rear sight.

    They were meant for unaimed volley fire, most recruits and conscripts were taught NOT to aim.
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