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  1. Marlin T

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    Jul 8, 2005
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    This is my escape from the political news that surrounds us.

    When this was in the making, they put a microphone inside the actual plane to record the awsome sound of that V-12. :D

    The music of horsepower just does something for me. (I get that tingley feeling running up and down my legs :eek:)

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    I'll be the first to ask ! what model or # designation is the aircraft. ? How fast and what HP does the BIG V produce. And where's the lucky pilot flying at.
  3. Marlin T

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    Jul 8, 2005
    New Mexico
    That is the P-40.

    The V-12 is the Allison, 1710 Cubic Inches and produces 1460 HP. But under ‘War’ conditions (WEP) it is capable of producing 2250 HP.

    It has a two stage supercharger with a 50:50 water-methanol injection for anti-detonation. (ADI).

    For a blown engine it ran a compression ratio of 6.00:1Not bad huh?

    As far as that particular paint job goes, here is a little bit of history around it.
    The Tomahawk MkIIB AK490 was delivered to no 73 squadron in September 1941 with two other Tomahawks. They were kept for a few weeks only, and kept their Europea colors. They were also decorated with the squadron's pre-war markings. It was written off on 21 October 1941, after being hit by ground looping AN326, while with No 5 Sq, SAAF.

    If you’re interested, >>this<< site might be appealing to you.

    THIS<<< youtube video shows a walk around of the plane that the developers used as their research source, that is based in Texas. Those dirty dogs even got to fly it.
  4. Marlin T

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    Jul 8, 2005
    New Mexico

    Great site

    P-40 Exterior Visual Recognition Guide

    Production Models*
    Exterior ViewModels/Attributes[​IMG]Models P-40, A ,B & C
    -Virtually identical from exterior
    -Model P-40 did not have wing guns
    -A has 1 .30 cal. gun per wing
    -Small chin intake
    -2 .50 cal. guns on top of nose
    -Small "tapered" rear canopy windows[​IMG]Models D & E
    -D has 2 .50 cal. guns per wing
    -E has 3 .50 cal. guns per wing
    -Larger chin intake[​IMG]Model F
    -No upper nose intake[​IMG]Model K
    -New tail design w/extended dorsal fin
    -Upper nose intake[​IMG]Model L
    -No upper nose intake
    -Extended fuselage[​IMG]Model M
    -Perforated cooling grill forward of stacks
    -Extended fuselage[​IMG]Model N
    -Rear canopy redesign
    -Cooling grill
    -Extended fuselage
    *Other destinctions exist as well as some blurring between model attributes - especially with block numbers.

    Production models ranged from the P-40 through the P-40N
    P-40G - 1 P-40, 39-221, after factory rework
    P-40H - Model designation not assigned
    P-40I - Model designation not assigned
    P-40J - Model designation not assigned
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