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  1. 1952Sniper

    1952Sniper New Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    I saw this in the Federalist today. It kinda got me thinking.

    What does this say about our nation's moral decline? We're either headed for disaster (most likely) or we're going to have some sort of spiritual awakening to return us to our senses (not at all likely).
  2. vonotterskull

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    May 8, 2003
    Good stuff sniper. I had this kind of talk with my liberal mom. She is a liberal from the old days of Hippy-dom, peace, love and all that goes with it. With all the discussions we had, we did agree on one thing, it would take some pretty hardcore measures to get America back on the moral track and Americans will not stomach them. Would we be willing to give up certain freedoms or rights for more normal sense of moral stability? Freedom of speech is a biggie. What about a moderate censorship?? I personally do not want my tax dollars going to fund Robert Maplethorp and his twisted view of art or readings of the Vagina Monologues on TV (CSPAN). Just because he has the right to stick a bullwhip up his bum, take a picture and call it art, does it make it ok??? NO. Call it what it is, porn. Sell it to adults that are into that kind of stuff. But for heavens sake don't call it art and have MY government foot the bill and put it on public display. But if you bring up censorship it makes people yell Nazi, book burner and more. What about rights for criminals? Fifty years ago criminals DID NOT SUE homeowners for shooting them in the commission of a crime such as a home invasion or break in. Take away someone's rights whether they are a criminal or not and you have the every civil rights activist in America up in (psuedo)arms. CRIMINALS DO NOT HAVE RIGHTS, they forfeited them when they committed their crime. The only rights they should have is to a fair trial and to legal representation. Oh ya and the right to shut up. Not the right to make records and clothing lines and write books which they profit from.

    What happened to us????? We allowed this country to go to hell in a handbasket. Moral decay, social decay, it's all around us. We are the only ones that can pull it up by the boot straps and make it better. But we won't. It's too much work. We can find a better use for tax dollars than studying the homosexual habits of Eskimos. (this is a real government funded study) STOP funding crack smoking baby factories. STOP putting moral delinquents in ivory towers. Kennedy was a pill popping, woman chasing son of a bootlegger, who the MAFIA put into office, but he is an American hero because he LET his PT boat get cut in two by a Jap destroyer. We idolize Clinton for all he did in office of president,,,,,,what was it he did again?? Oh ya, missed the oppertunity to bump off BinLaden when he had the chance, had sexual relations with an intern in the White House, and had friends that committed suicide over shady land deals he was involved with. Forget me listing the political issues, too many to type. This is the kind of person America calls a hero and role model.

    We have marches celebrating the coming out of homosexuals, but do we have marches celebrating moral decency? Of course not, no sensationalism. They have their rights. We have all black schools, but do we have all white schools? Of course not, we are still paying back the black man for decades of slavery. They have their rights. WELL MY PEOPLE DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH SLAVERY. Most of them were fresh off the boat in the early 1900's from Germany. Preachers and beer makers. Now let me say I have nothing at all against gays or blacks at all. What I am against is gays waving their sexuality like the American flag telling me I HAVE TO accept it because they have their rights. NO I DON'T. I have to TOLERATE it. That doesn't mean LIKE. And sure as heck doesn't mean I have to approve of it either. What people do in their own bedrooms is their business, just don't put it on a T shirt or tell me all the details. There is such a thing as too much information. And as for the slavery issue, let it go. No amount of all black schools or black TV programming will make it disappear. It happened, it's gone, get over it. Equal rights DO NOT mean special rights.

    I do not foresee a spiritual revolution or awakening anytime soon. Too many problems in mainstream religion has scared people away in droves. Molestation by the priests they trusted, separating the fools from their money, and the my belief is better than your belief argument. Christians can't even get along with other Christians. Look at Ireland and Britain, Protestants fighting Catholics. Then there are the cookie cutter Christians. The ones that take the cookie cutter to you to make you fit 'their' views of Christianity. I was brought up in a very spiritual home. My grandfather was a Lutheran minister for 52 years before he died. I subsequently did 1 & 1/2 years at a Baptist seminary before doing missionary work in the US and Mexico for 4-5 years. And I don't mean door to door, I'm talking about semi trucks loaded with food and medical aid for people in need. I am by no means a religious man or do I even attend a church on a regular basis anymore. I can't even find peace in church. Too many perfect finger pointing Holy people for a sinner like me. I used to go to church to get right with God, not conform to someone's personal view of the Bible.

    Thanks sniper, I just had to get some of that out in the open. I love America, its MY country. I am just so disgusted with some of the crap that goes on here. It really seems like no one cares as long as it doesn't affect them or they don't have to do anything.
    The moral decay and decline is already all around us, we are just desensetized to it and hardly take notice much less action.

    Well now I'm going to exercise one of my favorite rights, I'm going to go clean my guns.

  3. 1952Sniper

    1952Sniper New Member

    Aug 22, 2002
    Dude.... :eek: That was quite a rant.

    You know what really scares me? You know what keeps me up at night? You know what I worry about when I think of the future of not only this nation, but this entire planet?

    I worry that as Western civilization falls into moral decay, we will fall into ruin. And the "spiritual enlightenment" that will arise from our ashes will be the scourge of Islam. It's already gripping half of the world, and only seems to strengthen. And meantime, the traditional Christian culture falls into decay.

    It is my contention that as the Christian world shrinks and the Muslim world grows, our planet will fall into a new era of darkness and evil.
  4. vonotterskull

    vonotterskull Member

    May 8, 2003
    Sorry if I came off hard, no coffee does that to me.
    Muslims, huh, interesting. Looks like I need some bacon fat to grease my ammo with. LOLOLOLOL. I hate to make a quote if I am not sure where I heard it, but doesn't the Koran say its better to kill the infedel and end his ungodlyness than let him live in it? I will have to check my copy to be sure of the exact wording.
    Convert or die,,,,, hmmmmm.
    To quote Al Bundy,,

    Lets Rock!!!
  5. FN_Project90

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    Jun 5, 2003
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    in most muslim nations, christians are killed for being christian. I am reading a book, "Jesus Freaks" it has lots of modern day martyrs and old school ones. Details a lot of things that one should know about the rest of the world, and that people are out there dying for things that no one should.

    It does not say that in the Koran, but anyone who defies Allah or mohammids teachings are considered heritics immediatly. Also they are HUGE on an eye for an eye. And its just like Christianity, Islam has its different fan clubs that have different doctrines and in those doctines lay the violent nature. While most muslims are not violent, its like someone in a company has a bad attitude with you, you tend to think of that company by that one bad attitude. The bad islamic people make people focus on ALL. I am sure of course most of you realize this as it is common sense.
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  6. ...Usually don't get involved in these discussions!...but, wanted to share that my religion is..."if'nyamesswitmeyullpay"...and we do accept..."tighe"...[​IMG]
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    can I get a cup of jasmine tea with that food for thought? :D
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