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    My mother lives in an assisted living and each month they receive a news letter. Thought you may enjoy this.


    A corn farmer was sitting at the table while his wife was preparing the dinner. She dropped a spoon onto the floor and bent over to pick it up. As she bent over, the farmer said, "Honey, your butt is as big as a combine!"

    The wife picked up the spoon and continued cooking, with no comment to her husband.

    As she put the dinner on the table, she dropped the peppershaker onto the floor. While she was bent over picking it up, the farmer said, "Honey, I take that back, your butt is as big as two combines!"

    The wife picked up the pepper, set it on the table and began eating with no comment to her husband.

    Later that night, after the couple had gone to bed, the farmer started feeling a little frisky. Cuddling up to his wife, he noticed there was no response on her end. He tapped his wife on the shoulder and asked her what was wrong.

    She replied, "Do you really think I'm going to fire up 300,000 dollars worth of machinery for one little corn cob?"

    Auth. Unk.

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    I swear---I can't think of a 'zinger' to respond to that one, and me, an old farm boy at that---guess I'll just keep quiet and stayup here on my potato cart....Chief

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