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    475 Linebaugh Reloading Data
    Bullet (grs.) Powder / (grs.) MV ME Source
    370 SP W-296 / 25.0 1000 825 Jonh Linebaugh
    370 SP H-110 / 29.0 1285 1360 Jonh Linebaugh
    370 SP H-110 / 33.0 1495 1840 Jonh Linebaugh
    440 SP W-296 / 27.0 1280 1605 Jonh Linebaugh
    440 SP W-296 / 29.0 1360 1800 Jonh Linebaugh

    Ruger Bisley 5.5" -- bit of a HOSS.....
    but not really much more [hmmmm ?]
    than your .44 Alaskan
    But crap, you too are used to the 480--460.....
    about that in your shorter one.....
    How is your 460 for muzzle blast? This Bisley HAS ONE....!
    More than the .500
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    Jan 20, 2011
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    .475 LINEBAUGH

    The 475 is a true big bore that offers real big bore punch and high velocity in a practical, packable package. This conversion is done on new Ruger Bisley Revolvers ONLY! We fit a new oversize 5 shot cylinder to the Ruger frame with a true .475 bore barrel. Chambers are cut tight like all our guns for a minimum of brass working. Over-all fit is held to a minimum that still allows guaranteed functioning. Cases for the 475 Linebaugh can be made easily from Winchester brand 45/70 cases. Cut and trimmed to 1 400" long finished length the brass is ready to load and fire after minor expanding. The availability of factory brass and ammo supercedes this wildcat forming operation. Case life has been excellent with this round despite its 50,000 psi maximum operating pressure. With 7 1/2" barrel you can expect the following velocities:

    325 gr. LBT cast

    1700 fps

    37 Knock Out

    350 gr. LBT cast

    1600 fps

    38 KO

    400 gr.LBT cast

    1400 fps

    38 KO

    420 gr. LBT cast

    1350 fps

    38 KO

    Accuracy to date with this round has been near 1 1/2" at 25 yards. We have obtained 4" groups at 100 yards with machine rest but do not guarantee this type of accuracy to each gun. This is a fairly violent round, and recoil is heavy and very sharp with top end loads. Gun life is excellent if it's kept tight and oiled on each end of the cylinder. Bare steel on steel will batter and soon loosen a gun. Oil on the ratchet and nose of the cylinder will go a long ways toward insuring a tight gun. Fit, finish and function is guaranteed. Load data is supplied with each gun. Hodgdon Powder Co. has a full listing of load data for this cartridge in their latest loading manual. H- 110 and W- 296 are used exclusively for top end loads. Hodgdon's HS6 is good for medium and low velocity practice loads. The 475 has proven tops for extreme penetration on Australian and African buffalo, and the African elephant. Few bullets are ever recovered. For the ultimate on big game, this packable package in .475 caliber is tops. Prices start at $2,200.00 on your Ruger Bisley Frame. Any major caliber 357, 41, 44. and 45 caliber handguns will work for any of our conversions

    Conversion in blue: $2,200.00

    Conversion in stainless steel: $2,500.00

    Altho Z.....
    the 460 may kick it's butt...and for less $$$
    [but don't tell MamaOzo, I said I NEEDED one...]
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    I know it seems eccentric ....but,
    the brass was available and fairly easy to shorten....
    and I had a 400gr mold that works....
    but the primers were a bit scarce...
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    Jan 20, 2011
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    making fun of me.....
    [you resemble that remark] :D:D

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