Forehand Arms Co. 12 gauge shotgun

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    Oct 9, 2003
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    I just bought a12 gauge shotgun patented Feb. 4, 1896 by Forehand Arms Co. in Worcester Mass. It is a single shot, and I would like to know some information about it. I can't find anything out about this gun. The butplate is made of wood and has a triangle H/R || (2 lines) 3. I hope you can help me find something on this gun.
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    The value of your shotgun is minimal. If you plan on shooting it make shure to have a gunsmith inspect it as the chamber and barrel are likely to NOT be compatible with modern ammunition and injury and damage can result.

    I looked around the internet and found old shotguns and pistols by this manufacturer for sale.

    I also found this

    The Forehand Arms Co. of Worchester Mass. went under the name of Forehand and Wadsworth from 1872 until 1890 when it became the Forehand Arms Co. The company produced guns under their own name and brand names for Sears Roebuck. This company was later bought out by Hopkins and Allen. Unless in like new condition they are of little collector value.

    and the chronological list of how the company came to be is below

    Previous manufacturer/trademark originally located in Grafton, Mass. Ethan Allen started many plants to keep up with expanding business after 1832. Listed below is a chronological order of the firms constituting the family dynasty founded by Ethan Allen.

    E. Allen - Grafton, Mass. 1832-1837
    Allen & Thurber - Grafton, Mass. 1837-1842
    Allen & Thurber - Norwich, Conn. 1842-1847
    Allen & Thurber - Worcester, Mass. 1847-1854
    Allen, Thurber, & Co. - Worcester, Mass. 1854-1856
    Allen & Wheelock - Worcester, Mass. 1856-1865
    E. Allen & Co. - Worcester, Mass. 1865-1871
    Forehand & Wadsworth - Worcester, Mass. 1871-1890
    Forehand Arms Co. - Worcester, Mass. 1890-1902
    No other 19th-century American firm produced a wider variety of firearms than did Ethan Allen & subsidiaries. In 1902, Forehand Arms Co. was sold to Hopkins & Allen.
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