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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by YOFAST, Mar 9, 2009.


    YOFAST New Member

    Nov 17, 2007
    United States
    If you or anyone you know was in AIT in 1977 and remember anyone on this list please email David Apperson at yofast@gmail.com - Thank You

    Company B, 4th Battalion
    1st AIT Brigade
    Fort Benning Georgia

    Samuel J Adams
    William P Adams
    Miguel A Alvarez
    Johnnie R Andrews
    David W Apperson
    John L Ashby
    Darrell W Atchley

    James D Bailey
    Thomas P Barnes
    David W Beatty
    Paulino E Bernal
    Clifton A Berrett
    Jeffrey D Best
    James L Blunck
    Raoul M Boehm
    Jerry D Brown
    James V Bryner
    Michuel J Bue
    Billy R Bursey
    Gregory Burton
    Robert C Bushneil
    Robert J Bybee

    Stephen G Calway
    Paul E Campbell
    Stephen L Campbell
    Eddie R Casarez
    Thomas E Chaney
    David E Childers
    Jerry W Chow
    Jim W Christian
    Darrell E Coad
    Timothy W Cole
    Angelo T Coletti
    Willie Coley Jr
    Philip M Cychee

    Jerry Deherrera
    Robert S Delos Santos
    Duane A Demmerle
    George E Devlin [ AWOL ]
    Kevin R Dewberry
    Dennis Dickens
    Edward E Dowdle
    Leland T Driggs
    Jonny T Duke
    James D Dunlap
    Peter C Duras

    Robert L Eisenbarger
    Billy A Eller
    Lorin W Ensminger

    Israel F Fallejo
    Ralph L Farris
    Marvin R Fields
    Robert L Fields
    Lloyd E Folsom
    Gary F Fondel
    Edward W Ford
    Carl E Fowler
    Ruben Francis
    Mark S Franklin
    Guy E Franklin
    Frank D Freeman
    Kenny R Freeman
    Billy W Fullbright

    Donald R Gay
    Walter D Gentry
    Frank E Gill
    Stewart Goldsmith
    Richard S Gott
    John M Gray
    William J Gray
    Jerry L Griffin
    Dwane E Grimes
    William Gronert

    John R Hack
    Lester R Hadnott
    Eddie Hanna Jr
    Davy C Harris
    Humberto T Hart
    Christopher H Hartsell
    Kurt Harwood
    Robert Hassell
    Mark W Hastings
    Charles M Hayner
    Richard Heitl
    Ismael Hernandez
    Carlos A Herrera
    Ricky L Hines
    Fred H Hinojosa
    Raymond A Hinton
    Vincent Hirst
    Ricky J Hollifield
    Robert E Hollis
    Mark I Howard
    Richard J Hull
    John J Hylan

    James L Jackson
    Larry D James
    Jose Jaramillo Jr
    Gary E Jetter
    Kyle B Johnson
    Edward A Jones

    John J Karsulavitch
    Daniel J Kerrigan
    James Kuiper

    David A Lampman
    James F Lange
    Richard A Lariviere
    Charles Edward Latham
    Edward A Lentz

    Carnelo Maldonado
    William G Martin
    Michael W Marty
    Steven C McCabe
    Stephen R McCoy
    John P McDowell
    Branson D McLeod
    William Merrick
    David J Miller
    Arthur R Mitchell
    Roger A Monk
    Hollis L Moor
    Joe L Morrow
    Thomas E Moye
    James S Murphy
    Timothy M Murray

    Dale R Nelson
    Robert L Newels

    Columbus O'Banner Jr
    Dario M Ogaz

    Gregory A Panowicz
    John Peoples Jr
    William T Perry
    Carl E Petty
    Richard E Phelps
    Gilbert D Phillis Jr
    Kitrich A Powell

    Henry L Quailes
    Francisco Quinones

    Mark M Redfern
    Ralph Reskovitz
    Daniel L Ravas
    Levi Riggins Jr
    Bruce A Robertson
    John J Robinson
    Christopher Romero
    Douglas L Runkles

    Guillermo A Salazar
    Gilbert R Saucedo
    James R Schimp
    Daniel L Schuette
    Jonathan L Sears
    Darryl W Seawell
    John T Short
    Dennis D Shoup
    Howard E Smith Jr
    Howard Smith Jr
    Dennis E Snyder
    Theodore K Snyder
    Roger L Soliday
    Patrick M Sorelle
    Glen D Sowell
    Calvin J Speckhals
    Ira J Stark
    Roy K Stephens
    James A Stevens
    James H Stewart
    Thomas A Stone
    Ronnie Stripling
    Jerry C Sturkey
    Jeffrey J Suttles

    Donald E Taylor
    Jay W Thomas
    Ricky E Thymes
    Johnny J Tieder
    John S Trish

    Daniel B Uiseit

    James R Vining

    Howard E Wahl Jr
    Ricky D Waller
    Jack R Ward
    Jeffery K Watson
    David L Watts
    Todd J Weber
    Gerald L Wheetley
    Andre M White
    Lonny W White
    Russell D William
    Moses R Williams
    Ricky D Woodbridge

    Nicholas Yaholkovsky
    Oram P Young

    Please pass this list around the web -
    also located at http://veterans.barackobama.com/page/community/blog/president
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2009
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