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    Last week or so I was reading in a thread that some people believe that the earth and mankind are have existed for only about 7000 years. Someone questioned this with the existence with the presence of dinosaur fossils. Someone then stated that if god could create the universe in only seven days then he could make anything he wanted appear to be far older than it accutally is. My question to you is this:

    Why would god have to resort to trickery and chicanery to create for his childern the illusion that the world was older than it really is? Why would he be compelled (who could compell him) to play these kind of pranks? What possible purpose could he have?

    On the other hand, perhaps the world and the universe truly is over 4 billion years old and dinosaurs really did roam this planet long before the advent of mankind. I believe god started this experiment and then stepped back to observe the results. He has given us the intelligence to follow the clues and discover for ourselves the grandeur that is the creator of all things great and small.

    There are still people living today that (a) believe that the earth is flat(goggle Flat Earth Society) and (b) that the universe orbits the earth and is only a few thousand mile across, despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

    Humankind was given one thing that god can not control. Free will. We are free to choose what and how we believe.God will never coerce us to belive in him. Please keep in mind that all of the calculations done on the age of the earth, whether 7000yrs or 4 billion yrs, was performed by the imperfect minds of human beings whose judgement was and is clouded by their personal beliefs.
  2. God would not but when your theology is weak and your mind is simple you make up anything you can to fill in the unanswered questions. It's so much easier than believing in a complex world. By not believing in science facts they don't have to grow up and learn anything beyond what they learned in Sunday school.

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    You can believe in an old earth and be a Christian. The doctrine of salvation has nothing to do with the age of the earth. The Bible does not say, “Believe in a young earth, or be condemned to hell.” You can become a Christian and believe in an old earth.
    Want to learn more? This website is here to help you. Let's start with a basic explanation of old earth theology. There are several major positions one can take with regards to belief in an old earth and universe. Using a simplistic view of old earth creationist beliefs, they can basically be split into two groups, those who hold to a Day-Age Interpretation, and those who believe in the Gap Theory.
    •Day-Age Interpretation - The belief that the days of creation contained in Genesis 1 were actually long ages, each lasting millions of years. This can be consecutive days, or overlapping days.

    •Progressive Creationism - Each creation day is equal to millions of years, and represents a specific portion of God's creative work. Progressive creation believes that God created each species as a unique creation. In other words, God spoke, and they were created. God did not use evolution in the development of the species.

    •Theistic Evolution - God used evolution to develop life on earth. Each creation day is equal to millions of years, representing a specific portion of God's creative work. Although many claim that Theistic Evolution is a Day-Age interpretation, this cannot be the case. The days of creation must overlap each other, thus a literal reading that the days of creation are unique time periods distinct to themselves is not scientifically valid.

    •The Gap Theory - Also known as the Ruin-Reconstruction theory, this proposes that there was a ‘gap’ of time, of billions of years, between Genesis 1:1 and Genesis 1:2. This theory claims that the earth of old somehow became ruined (some blame Satan and his fallen angels), and was later repaired by God as described during the six 24-hour days of creation. This theory became popular after being included in the Scofield Reference Bible in 1945, and many still hold to it.
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    Nov 13, 2011
    I know I'm running the risk of setting someone off but I have to practice now and then.

    If the world is 6,000-7,000 years old why did God strew about the skeletons of creatures that never existed? If God has that sort of sense of humor then we are all in trouble.

    Remember that scene from Men in Black were Smith opens a locker to find a miniature race worshiping him? I think he said, "That ain't right." Well, why does a SUPREME BEING, LORD COMMANDER OF THE UNIVERSE AND ALL OF CREATION bother creating a defective strain of bacteria (us) and command that we worship HIM? Check a psych book. I think we have a word for that kind of thinking.

    And, no, I am not a drooling, rabid atheist. I have no objection to religion as long as it is peaceful. I consider myself somewhat agnostic. I just don't know if there is any kind of God and I'm pretty sure no one else does either.
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    Just look around you at the universe you live in. Do you really believe that life is a random chance of cahos?
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    Nov 29, 2010
    Said it before and I'll say it again. If you really seek the truth, read Ken Ham's book " The Lie".

    End of discussion for me.
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    Jan 11, 2010
    actually if you look why say things never existed ? they exist and where needed as building blocks to ready the world for us .. God got us here , how , i've a big interest but it dont impact on my beleif in God , just stretchs my brain a bit

    i'm a Theistic evolutionist i suppose , but dont think the universe is as old as they say and when i argue my points in the science community

    its rather hard for them to counter the arguement i'm pitching

    God's good that way ;)
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    There is a God and nature is the medium he uses to communicate with us. Get closer to nature, get closer to God.
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    I have no problems with the age of the world. It could be billions upon billions of years old, 10 million, or 20 thousand. It doesnt make a bit of differance. I personally believe in the millions. Evolution poses no problems either. I know it could not just be random chance. You have to understand 2 things. 1. There are things that we can/never will understand. Try to actually wrap your head around infinity. If you can, you are far better than I. If something has no beginning and no end, when did it start? 2. Not everything in the Bible is literal. This was written thousands of years ago to people who did not have the knowledge to comprehend things, so not everything could be explained to them, so it had to be put in a way they could. So when they say God created everything in 7 days, not an issue. It also says that to God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years is like a day. The time is irrelevant. Just sayin.......

    Whatever the issue, if there is room for doubt or poor logic, the devil will use it to his advantage. You can make that bullet point 3 if you like.....
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    Its irrelevant. All I know with any certainty is my age. All I can recall is events that happened during my life. The rest I have to exstapolate. The bible is a history book and it has the flaws of any book, it was written from the authors' point of view. That point of view could have any kind of bias that you can think of. Although there is a universal message, I cannot take it literally.
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    I agree with Carver - one day of the Lord is the same as a million years to us poor mortals. Just look at Adam and Eve. They were created to live 'forever' and when God kicked them out of Eden, it took thousands of years for them to die. Methuselah was over 900 years old before he died. Takes quite a while for the biological clocks to run down.
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    Nov 13, 2011
    Last year I took a bunch of kids on a field trip to Brookfield Zoo southwest of Chicago. While I was sitting in my bus reading a book I was approached by a driver from some other bus company. He tried to shove Jesus down my throat. I challenged him to walk out into the parking lot in front of us and PROVE there was a God. That did not happen, of course.

    Faith, by definition, is belief in something that cannot be proven. Imagine that of the countless number of planets and moons in this universe that could support life of some sort there is an intelligent slug perceiving the surrounding planets and stars and deciding that its kind stands at the pinnacle of divine creation.

    Our solar system is a grain of sand on a beach and we have only just begun to realize that we are surrounded by other grains of sand beyond counting. What else do we not know? Realistically, we have nothing to compare ourselves to, so why do we think we are not the scrambled results of total chaos?

    We murder, cheat, steal and lie at all levels of our societies. Our bodies can be born defective and always fall apart in a few decades. Are we the image of God? I hope not.
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    Aug 14, 2007
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    [Our bodies can be born defective and always fall apart in a few decades. Are we the image of God? I hope not.[/QUOTE]

    You don't think God has a sense of humor? Actually this entire line of posts has been interesting, thanks to all.
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    It takes a lot more faith to believe that all the cosmos exists from pure cahos than it does to believe that there is mathmatical order to the universe! It takes for more faith to believe in evolution than it does in creation.
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    If anyone here thinks god doesn't have a sense of humor, consider the Platypus.