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    Dec 22, 2010

    First post… My Grandfather passed away in OR a few months ago and while cleaning out his house I found, and brought back, 6 firearms. I am not new to shooting or weapons but a few I don’t know much about and they are listed below. Just looking a little history, information, value, etc… for my own education. I appreciate any and all comments thrown my way.

    1) Harrington and Richardson Arms Co., Worcester, Mass USA. Pat. Feb 27 1900. Serial number A90788. This is a single split action 410 (12mm) shotgun. All components open smoothly and seem to work well. There is a little rust but after some oil, lube, and a good cleaning I would fire it with out hesitation. Could not find a model number.

    2) J. Stevens A&T Co., Chicopee Falls, Mass, USA Pat APR.17.94.. The only number I can find, and think it is the serial number, is F 455. This is a single action lever .22 cal LR. It also has the word “Favorite” stamped on top of the housing. The action is a little lose on this one and will take some work before I would feel comfortable shooting it. Could not find a model number.

    3) Remington Model 12-A. Serial number 796510. This is a sweet little .22 LR in excellent condition. I have already cleaned it up and shot it. My daughter (age 6) has already shot it and now claims “this is my gun.” Since both of my kids are girls hearing one of them say that melted my heart. I agreed; it is hers (just not for a LONG time)

    4) J.C. Higgins-Model 583.1; Sears, Roebuck, and Co. This is a bolt action 12 gage shotgun. I can not find a serial number. I have never dealt with a bolt action shotgun before so this one intrigues me.

    Below are the other guns I brought back but I have enough info on them to be happy. But feel free to chime in on them because I enjoy hearing other thoughts:

    1) Colt .45 Model of 1911 US Army. Serial number 160718. This weapon is in excellent condition and has the US Army stamp on it. I have already cleaned it up and shot it. Works like a dream. Now I actually put some thought into what I carry (my Kimber or Colt {but it is a nice decision to have!}).
    2) Smith-Gordon Model 03-A3. Serial number 4775646. Basic bolt action rifle but in great condition.

    Again… thanks for any info provided. Once I learn how to post pictures I will of these firearms if anyone would like me too.

    - Eric
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    Dec 6, 2009
    The Model 1911 could be valuable, depending on condition, as could the Smith-Corona M1903A3 if in original condition and good shape. The Remington Model 12A has good value if in nice condition; one like new could bring close to $1000; an average is around $500 for 80% remaining blue. The Favorite is also a collectible, but again only if in very good condition, both mechanically and in the finish; it sounds like that one is not.

    The others are basically hunting guns, and will usually bring $100-150 on the used gun racks.

  3. johnlives4christ

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    Apr 28, 2008
    sweet find sounds like grandpa knew the good stuff
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