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    Ask any cop. If you get between fighters in a family feud, they will ALL turn on you. :D

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    I wonder if ALL the bureau chiefs will keep their jobs. I'm thinking that the execs may not be happy with that decision.

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    If they get fired, they can just move over to FOX. Everybody else is. :D

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    They tried to cover up their motivation as well, saying that Fox had not requested an interview with Feinberg. A Fox executive quickly put that lie to rest, saying that Fox did request an interview and was conveniently left out.

    This is a scary time, indeed. :eek:

    Why are people sitting on their hands idling watching this crap go on? I'm vocal as a PETA nut about this outrage. I don't mind talking about this, and do so often. Most Americans don't even know about this outrage happening... We're definitely suffering from apathy and ignorance as a nation. It's time to wake the heck up and tell Obama, "HELL NO! WE WON'T STAND FOR THIS!" I thought the Tea Parties were a good start but they have somewhat lost momentum. It's time to fire up the protest engine again! :mad:
  5. Now now, we can't have unwashed minions speaking out against the great glory that is the Glorious King-Emperor Barack I His Great Awesomeness and All-Knowing Teleprompter, can we? After all, he went to Harvard. He knows more than we could ever hope to know and he knows what's best for us. We should all just obey The Hussein:rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    I'm sorry friends, Fox News Channel is controlled opposition. You will see it. Of that I have no doubt. Whether you see it in time is another thing.:(
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    I've just gotta add this one I made a while back... :D

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    I am a Tea Party member, and we are visible. We protest on the streets in Shreveport, LA. Last Friday we had one person come out to hold up his sign that stated "Vote YES for Health Care". I asked him who would be paying for this Health Care Bill, and he said that he would be paying. I told him that was a good thing, and that he could pay my part too. What most people are missing is that this administration is Communist to the bone, and there are a lot of supporters in America that are Communist as well. The rest of the folks are just plain stupid, Free Money? That's not caused by apathy, that's just plain stupid!
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    carver, the effort has all but died around here. We had two large protests early in the year, one with about 2,000 folks and another with around 10,000. That was all... The group which held the 2nd Tea Party has quietly disappeared. I think we made them mad by booing out one of the speakers who voted for the 'stimulus bill'. :mad:
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    It's actually one and one. Remember, Obabalaba won the molection.
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    Just how far does this guy think he can go? I never thought in the USA these things would ever happen. It just makes you stop and think about how low we have gotten in the last few years.
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    I'm not sure what constitutional issue is at stake here, but I'll presume we're talking 1st Amen. This has nothing whatsoever to do with the 1st Amen. and anyone versed in conlaw will tell you that.

    That said, this was a dumb move on Obama's part. It only brings him down and gives Fox "news" credibility and ratings. Certainly Fox is biased, no one doubts that.
    The problem is that Fox's news section and Fox's opinion programs are not one and the same, although they have been conflated as being the same, which they are not. Likewise for MSNBC, their news program is not the same as Keith Olbermann's show. Or CNN's news program and Lou Dobbs's show. These are opinion/commentary programs. We all know they are biased so we take them with a grain of salt. And a shot of tequilla helps too.

    Now sometimes Fox "news" gets their facts wrong. ("Weapons of mass destruction found," "Obama supporter assaults McCain campaign worker," etc.) But this does not mean they are not primarily a news reporting operation. "Fair & balanced" might be a bit of a stretch, but they do try to report the news. (I heard them on the radio last week Quoting a [I can't remember who exactly] republican source saying that in a couple of years Afghanistan will look like Iraq now. The next story reported a car-bombing in Iraq with X number killed. When the news came up on the next hour, these 2 stories were seperated, and the Iraq bombing news was shortened. I reported, you decide) Also not in Fox's favor was their promotion of the tea-bagger's protests. Just because a "news" organization begins an astro-turf movement doesn't mean that other news organizations should cover it heavily. It was covered by other news organizations, but not as much as by Fox. And why should they? It was Fox's show.

    As far as the other news organizations standing up for Fox, good on them. G.W.B. tried this with MSNBC, and it didn't work for him then, just as it shouldn't work for Obama now. And it hasn't.

    As far as this being a 1st Amen. issue, not even close. The White House (or any other branch of gov.) is not required to talk to anyone. And if they choose to only talk to one person/organization, still not. This would be political suicide as we will see it for what it is.

    A free press keeps gov. accountable. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. A century ago all the press engaged in yellow journalism, much as we are going to today. The answer to misinformation/bad speech is more speech. This is what the market-place of ideas is all about. It is the backbone of the 1st Amen. It is our best hope for keeping gov. honest. Anyone remember the Pentagon Papers issue/case?
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    Let me preface this by saying that I used to hold the same opinion as you do concerning Fox's purported 'bias'. I then realized that it's entirely possible that the rest of the news channels are so far to the left that Fox seems oddly out of place by occasionally reporting the right-leaning side of the issue. This study somewhat proved that to me; read and discuss... ;)

    It was originally published by the PEW Media Research Center and is regularly quoted on Fox, with the most recent time being on Glenn Beck's 10/20 broadcast in which he refuted Robert Gibbs's assertion that Fox was not a real news organization. :)
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    "Controled Opposition"? Controlled by who? I'm assuming you mean controlled by Fox executives and not some other outside force.....because it is very clear that many of highest watched programs on Fox News are very much against the current administration (Thank Goodness).....and obviously the White House feels the same way...that's why they are so ticked off with Fox News.