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    You guys don't talk about fox hunting??
    Here in Aus fox, rabbits and ferel cats are our staple "varmit" hunting because they are all introduced species, therefore fair game. All of them present a major ecological problem so they are the only things we are actually encouraged to take.
    Hunting fox's with a rimfire is a real challenge because, they are clever little buggers, and very wary. Getting into range with a rimfire takes real hunting skill.
    The most popular method is to use a wistle that sounds like a distressed bird to lure them into range.

    Our "other" main game is pigs and goats, and some deer in the forests of the south east. The deer were introduced, but only managed to survive in a few areas.
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    Apr 23, 2002
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    Dont get alot of foxes in this neck of the woods (North Tx) lots of coyotes, pigs, turkey, ducks, deer and a few big cats, among other things, and even an occasional fox story every now and then, but I've never seen one...Seems like they'd be fun to hunt.

  3. Crpdeth

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    Apr 23, 2002
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    Oddly enough, my hunting partner and I just missed each other this evening, I must have left deer camp as he was comming in...he called a few moments ago to report he had seen a few deer, a bobcat, and you guessed it, a grey fox. LOL

    Anyway, he claims that he sees a few foxes every year, mostly road kill because they dont move much in the daytime hours...albit, in contridiction to my previous statement we do indeed have plenty here, I just havent seen them. LOL
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    Foxin' is a great time, swanshot is abolutly correct in sayin using a rimfire takes skill. I use a 25mn & Rem 40 gr psp's. They don't cause much damage and in case a few squirrels show up instead .. ;) I'd like to try the whistle call deal sometime. I'm into squirrel hunting so luck would have it when I'd go fox hunting the tree rats would show up and I'd usually cave. One fine day I was practicing on a mouth-turkey call, I sounded more like a wounded bird I belive, but it worked! A pair came in, after the shot the other seemed stunned or confused. It gave me time for a double but I let it walk.
    Marlin 25mn w/ var2.5x10x42m
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    Apr 12, 2003
    British Columbia

    Greetings Swanshot from the other side of the "Commonwealth"

    Your list of game to hunt gave me pause to consider how fortunate I am to live in the province with the greatest game selection of any province/state in North America. I just went to the game regs and counted that we have 71 different game animals listed. My favorites are as follows:

    ELK (Both Rocky Mountain Elk and Roosevelt Elk)
    Moose (both Shiras and Canada)
    Deer (Whitetail, Mule, Blacktail)
    Grouse (5 species)
    Quail (2 species)
    Bighorn sheep (California and Rocky Mountain)
    Thinhorn sheep
    Dall sheep
    Mountain goat
    13 different species of Migratory game birds. (ducks, geese, etc.)

    And the list goes on and on-we are truly blessed with this abundance of huntable game.

    For varmit hunting the favorite here is coyote and some foxes. Also several species of Cats (Cougar, lynx, bobcat, etc)

    Hope you get a chance to get up this way sometime-I have yet to get "down under" yet but it is big on my list of places I want to go to-have many Ozzies for friends.

    All the best to you::) :)
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