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    It's an unhealthy affliction; but, once more I have purchased a Luger. The several I have about are a bit too pricey to go shooting any more. Hate to say it; but some guns earn retirement from plinking.

    I bought a Franken-Luger. This gun is comprised of no matching parts. The odd part is that all of the parts match in fitting. None of them were slapped together from other assembled guns. If the serials matched it would be about a 98%.

    So; who else has el-misso-matcho's like this. Thought it odd. Wish I could send pics; but, wouldn't give justice to what is described. I'll see if I can find out where it actually came from.
  2. i dont have a luger but have a m-44 mosin that has no numbers that match but is an awesome shooter!!! :D

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    It's all good I tell you. Coincidentally I should mention that Mauser was notorious for mismatch at factory guns. This generally happened in the last thousand of a type. I have a pristine C-96 that falls in that category; has a mismatch of barell and upper with a single cut witness mark. Can't get those to line up unless you cut them on installation. I've a thing for the ugly duckies; nobody else wants them so they come here.