Free Cell Phones for Everyone!!

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    Several days ago, I recieved an unsolicited package in the mail addressed to my old mom. Now I know she hasnt ordered anything because she's a ripe 98 years old and almost blind....Opening the package I find a cell phone..I didnt order it and I know she didnt...

    Immediately I tracked down the sender and notifed them of my reciept of their unsolicited phone...After babbling around for 30mins or so with some guy in Pakistain or India, I finally got someone who could speak and understand the English language.

    The company was very apologetic for the mistake and are sending me a return shipping label..I requested that someone contact me with information regarding how they came into possession of my mothers address and explain why she got the phone unsolicited.

    Just now got of the phone with a management type who explained to me that the cell phones were being sent to "people getting some type of assistance" at no charge... I assured him that she was not on any assistance or welfare or any other government handout program. He said that they believe an unscrupulous sales person may have gotten her address and age and filed a false sales claim...Their "independent" sales people are commissioned...the more names he signs up and the more phones he "gives away" the more money he makes...the more money the company makes and the MORE taxes we pay for such a crock of BS.:mad:

    He assured me the sales person would be terminated when they trace the individual down who did the filing...???? Yeah, Right..:mad: Many folks around my town would just take the phone and whatever air time comes with the package as just another gift from Uncle Sugar in Washington. The manufacturers get a cut and unloads a ton of their refurbed phones, the distributer gets a nice profit for 'giving them away', the sales people make their cut, Fraud or no fraud ..a whole trainload of Washington bureaucrats and civil service types to administer it and we, the taxpayer will get the bill...

    How many millions of "free" cell phones are being sent to anyone and everyone???? The smoke and mirror gang in DC are putting on a verbal show on cutting the budget and trimming the fat, cutting to the bone.....Nothing but smoke and mirrors and the only ones getting scammed are us, the TAXPAYERS.. These people figure they are so important and above the peasants the only thing they need consider is...What's in it for me? (Votes from the entitlement crowd and fat campaign contributions next election from the phone mfg's.) What's in it for my friends? ( Dump a ton of refurbs they cant sell and make a profit and return some to our good friends in DC in the form of nice fat campaign contribution.) And How can we spin this to fool the dumb ass taxpayers into thinking we are doing something for them? Well...I got news for them...People are wiseing up to their scams...Now we need a president and a political party with the balls to do something about it...
    End of my rant...thanks for reading..Next stop a couple emails to my Rep and Senator...
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    Oct 7, 2009
    They had commercials for them here in detoit. It made me so pissed!!!
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