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    Jun 27, 2001
    Words of wisdom for someone who's wisdom is far beyond his 18 years!!

    Free Your Mind NOW
    By Corey
    An 18 Year Old American

    You can have complete and total freedom now. All it requires is that you question everything you have ever been taught. You don't have to listen to political leaders, or religious leaders, or society. You don't have to be a slave to them. Of course, they will demonize open mindedness, but the bottom line is that you can have freedom now. You can control your own life. Two laws to follow are "Question authority, and think for yourselves".
    Freedom is here. I pose the following questions to you, dear reader.
    Will you think for yourself?
    Will you accept freedom?
    Will you control your own life, your own brain?
    Of course, the various socio-political and religious leaders will demonize anything that causes or creates open mindedness, free thinking. And why do they do that? It is all about control. If even a small percent of our society became free, they would be out of power, there would be no way for them to control them. So, this message is addressed to those people who value freedom above all else. I am trying to impart this message onto them- You can be free now.
    The most you can do is to free your own mind, by questioning what authority has told you, and others will follow. They will see your freedom, and start asking themselves questions. This is the dawn of the beginning of a new age, one that embraces personal freedom. There are still many out there who are brainwashed, by socio-political leaders, and religious fundamentalists and their ignorant concepts. These people do not embrace freedom, because they are not ready for it. They are still brainwashed and conditioned by society and religious dogma. These people are not ready to leave the comfortable ignorance they now dwell in. Their minds are not free.
    It is these people who need to be awakened. It is these people who need to hear the truth. What these people don't realize, is that they are NOT happy. They are not happy living a one-dimensional life, they are not happy being slaves. But, as the old saying goes, "Ignorance is bliss". But these people are not our enemies. They are our brothers and sisters, and they are trapped in a prison that society and religious have created for their minds. If we ever wish to be free, we are going to have to smash the bars of their prison, and free them with the truth.
    True freedom is at hand. Are we going to embrace it, or let it slip between our fingers and lose it? We must stay free, so that others can become free as well.
    In Unity,
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    The "Power of suggestion" works Shiz...


    hehehe :D
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