From the looks of those scores . . .

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  1. . . . from last Fall:

    I would say either the targets are too big or the range is to close.

    The 10 ring on the rifle target you are using at 50 yards is 2 inches.

    The 10 ring on the USBR target we use in the Rimfire E-Mail Benchrest Matches is 1/10 inch.

    That USBR target is TOUGH at 50 yards. It's so tough that a lot of shooters would not shoot on it. So: We set up a special match at 25 yards for it. Better for a beginner to start out at 25 yards on that target, and then move out to 50 yards after some experience is gained.

    I am not suggesting that you use the USBR target in your match. That would just be a duplication of our E-Mail Matches, over on Rimfire Central. What I would suggest is that you use those BIG targets at 100 yards for rifle and 50 yards for pistol. There has been some talk over on Rimfire Central and Benchrest Central's rimfire forum about starting an e-mail or postal match at 100 yards. (But, no one has vounteered to do it) If you guys set up a 100 yard match, I am sure you could get some participation from those two forums.

    Attached is a jpeg graphic showing the size and layout of the USBR target;
    USBR is: United States BenchRest.
    This target is used at 25yards and 50 yards for rimfire and 100 yards for centerfire.

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  2. Hey Joe!...

    I'll shoot against ya, let's dance!...;)

  3. Ahh: Smokin Guns . . .

    Do ya want to run a 100 yard match on that target with the 2 inch 10 ring? (NRA 100 yard smallbore target)

    Or: Do ya wan'a shoot with us in the E-Mail Matches on the USBR target at 25 and/or 50 yards?

    I would help you set up a match for TFF, but I don't have the time to run another match. I got my hands full running the Rimfire E-Mail Matches, with 75 to 100 shooters turning in more than 200 scores every month.

    I'd REALLY would like to shoot in a 100 yard benchrest match each month, as long as I wouldn't have to WORK it.

    If ya want to run a match, I got'a tell ya: If ya want ta do it right, yer gon'a spend some time on it. I like yer idea of posting pictures of the targets.

    Joe :)
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  4. Hey Joe!...

    Just run it as a target pic posting match...I think it's way easier, and let's everyone see the gun and result...;)
  5. OK

    I got the camera.

    We suppose to put the rifle in the picture with the target?

    10 shots at 100 yards with the standard NRA 100 yard target with rifles?
    1 inch "x" ring and 2 inch 10 ring. 4 inch 9 ring. 6 inch 8 ring & 8 inch 7 ring?

    What target at what range with pistols?

  6. Hey Joe!...

    I think showing the rifle keeps it interesting!. Pistols?...How about 25 yds. Whatever target you decide...especially if it can be downloaded and printed out! sux right at the moment here, but it's supposed to clear up shortly... ;)
  7. Pistols & other possibilites . . .

    If you have read any of the score bulletins over on Rimfire Centeral's OnLIne Match forum you know that there are three or four Thompson Center single shot pistols there that have embarrassed a BUNCH of rifle shooters. They shoot on the same target as the rifles at the same distance. We give them no quarter. Seems they don't need it. However, the USBR target does not give a good sight picture with iron sights or ever with a red dot sight.

    My suggestion would be to use the standard NRA type 100 yard target, available at WalMart and lots of other places too. Use the same target for both rifle and pistol. 100 yards with the rifle, and 50 yards with the pistol.

    10 shots on the target for score, and use the "x" ring to break ties. That "x" ring is 1 inch in diameter, inside the 2 inch 10 ring.

    Why do I suggest 50 yards with the pistol? Because those TC guys are shooting well, but they are not at the same level as the TOP rifle shooters. They just happen to shoot better than the average rifle shooter.

    With that black aiming bull, the standard 100 yard NRA target will give a good sight picture for both scopes and iron sights.

    Other suggestions:
    No restrictions on weight or scope power. Triggers may be light, but must be SAFE.
    Shoot from a sandbag rest, from a bench, over a log, or the hood of your pickup truck.
    Distance: Measure with a tape measure from the front of your bench (or the log) to the face of your target.

    From our experience: Trying to use ink jet printed targets we download from the internet do not give exact ring dimensions. We tried it and when it did not work right, we settled for official targets that all have the same size scoring rings.

    Suggested Course of Fire:
    Rimfire Rifle:
    Match #1: 10 shots: Rifles with scope sights at 100 yards.
    Match #2: 10 shots: Rifles with iron sights at 100 yards.
    Match #3: 10 shots: Pistols with scope sights at 50 yards.
    Match #4: 10 shots: Pistols with iron sights at 50 yards.

    Scoring: If the leading edge of a bullet hole touches a scoring ring, that shot receives the higher value. Shots in or touching the 1 inch "x" ring will be scored as a 10-x.

    Tie Breaking: If two shooters score the same score, the one with the higher number of x's is the winner.
    98-6x will beat 989-5x.
    100-8x will beat 100-7x.

    How many shooters are you gona get for this match? I got about a 100 of em shoot'in over on Rimfire Central that's been practic'in at 25 and 50 yards. Would it be OK to invite em to come over here?

    I think the picture of the target and rifle/pistol is a great idea.

  8. Bring your shooter's over Joe!...

    Hopefully they have a scanner or Digital camera...Pic's make it a lot more fun, and everyone gets to see the actual Rifle and Target...everyone has to be patient also, since were spread out everywhere. Weather is still up and down around here. That's one of the reasons to keep it a long season...;)
  9. Target I recommend.

    Ya should settle on some rules before I tell those Rimfire Central guys ya got a match set up.

    Consider this target. I think it would work well.
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  10. I think were getting close...

    Looks good Joe...Let's roll!...;)
  11. One more thing:

    In our E-Mail Matches we use our REAL names along with our screen names. We list our Home Town and the State we live in. Several of our shooters have made contact because of this, have met and now shoot together on the same range.

    Any objection? Can’t imagine any of us adults with GUNS being scared of a pedophile stalking us. I ain’t had one stalk me yet anyway.

  12. Hey Joe!

    We do the same thing only we use the private messaging to contact each other!...;)
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