Full Spectrum Operations (USArmy)

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    Training for Full Spectrum Operations

    Department of the Army
    Washington, DC, 12 December 2008


    1-2. An operational environment is a composite of the conditions, circumstances, and influences which affect the employment of military forces and bear on the decisions of the commander (JP 3-0). Operational environments of the future will remain arenas in which bloodshed is the immediate result of hostilities between antagonists. Operational goals will be attained or lost not only by the use of lethal force but also by how quickly a state of stability can be established and maintained. Operational environments will remain dirty, frightening, and physically and emotionally draining. Death and destruction resulting from environmental conditions, as well as conflict itself, will create humanitarian crises. Due to the high lethality and long range of advanced weapons systems and the tendency of adversaries to operate among the population, the danger to combatants and noncombatants will be much greater than in past conflicts. State and nonstate actors, can be expected to use the full range of options, including every diplomatic, informational, military, and economic measure at their disposal. This applies to all adversaries, regardless of their technological or military capability. In addition, operational environments will extend to areas historically immune from battle, including the homeland—the United States and its territories—and the territory of multinational partners, especially urban areas. Operational environments will probably include areas not defined by geography, such as cyberspace. Computer network attacks already cross borders and may soon be able to hit anywhere, anytime. With the exception of cyberspace, all operations will be conducted “among the people.” Outcomes will be measured in terms of effects on populations.
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    What the heck is this?:confused:

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    Its the future, or now.
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    Click the link, click the link, click the link

    Then read it for yourself. 96 page PDF public release version
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