FYI loading TC for 1911s

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  1. JLA

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    I cast and load LEE 230 gr TC bullets in my .45acp for my 1911s. I just figured out something that may have some relation to all TC bullet designs (I had the same problem with ranier 200 gr TCHP). When seated to a COL shorter than 2.225" the cartridges will have a tendency to jam against the frame at the base of the ramp holding the slide back. This only happens in my 1911s. My XD feeds them fine because the barrel itself is ramped. If I seat them to 2.225 or longer (the mag wont take em longer than 2.250 due to the wide flat point) the problem is nonexistent. So for future reference, keep your TC bullets between 2.225 and 2.250 COL and have no problems;) Hope this helps...

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    What is "TC?" My only handgun is a 1911. Hey, I'm learning by asking questions.


  3. Truncated Cone

    This link will give you a brief description of common bullet shapes:
  4. JLA

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    Feb 26, 2007
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    The truncated conical bullet design is inherently one of the most accurate bullet designs ever devised. Its just apparently finicky about overall cartridge length in 1911 pistols. The mag wont let me run them at 2.275" (the max cartridge length for the .45acp) because the nose profile is too fat. I cant run them shorter than 2.225" because the cartridge tends to jam between the slide and frame at the base of the feeding ramp. So i have settled on a happy medium... 2.235"... this satisfies both restrictions and my ammo feeds flawlessly and still works well from my other .45s... Disclaimer time...
    "Any time you change something pertaining to specific load data, like I did here changing the recommended by Lee seating depth to 2.225" min instead of their recommended 2.175", you must start over and develop a load as you did when you first started"... Incidently, the best load for this combination using the components I selected was 5.0 gr. of hp-38. Which fell right smack in the middle of the data I started with and right where Id hoped it would fall.;)
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