FYI on ATV/UTV tires brand new cheap from local shops!!!!

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  1. IF any of you have ATVs or UTVs and need new tires but the stock tires are excellent for your needs, call your shop you use to work on it or bought it from and ask about NEW take offs!!! I ran over garden hoe with my 2003 4x4 rancher slicing 2 tires. They are not leaking yet BUT will. I have at least 50% tread left so really did not need the new tires till I ran over the garden hoe. Well i looked at new tires and tires ONLY with new ones running around $300 a set of 4 PLUS mounting. Well I looked on e-bay and found a set of 2012 off a rancher that were take offs by the owner who bought a set of custom wheels and tires at the shop when he bought his 2012 rancher. his opening bid was $200 which is cheap being 4 new tires already mounted on 4 new wheels. Well i called my shop to make sure 2012 rancher wheels would fit my 2003 and they said all but one model. they ask me why and I told them of the take offs on e-bay, did not say the opening bid. they told me that they would sell me a NEW set of 2012 take offs and guarantee that are off the same model 4x4 that fits my 2003!! I said how much to which they replied $200+ sales tax. That was cheap being the opening bid on e-bay was $200 + $100 shipping. I bought the ones at the shop so now I have 4 new tires and wheels to put on today AND have my 4 old wheels with tires that can be used in a pinch. Also if I find a set of more aggressive tires later, I have the extra wheels to put them on. I only need stock tires BUT my Son In Law has been wanting me to go to some of the trail rides with him where a more aggressive tire is best. I can put the more aggressive ones on for the trail rides and them put the stock ones back on for my general uses. Win win situation IMHO.
    SO FYI, if you need new tires for your ATV/UTV AND stock ones work fine for you, contact you local shop to see if they have new take offs for sale. You would be surprised at how many these days buy a new ATV/UTV and buy a set of custom wheels and tires at the shop. the shop will give them a credit for the take offs and then sell the take offs for 2x what the credit was given on them. I learned that last week and am tickled I have new tires already mounted on new wheels for less than what the tires alone was going to cost me!!!!
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    I have an Outlander that I put mud sharks on 5 months after I bought the 4 wheeler. 9000 miles later the tires are still good enough to get me through mud holes without the winch. I would have worn the stock tires out quick or had constant flats. Looking at some 8 ply ITP's for a foreman, rather than stock 2 ply cheapies. Nothing worse than being 20 miles out a rough trail dealing with flats during huntin season. At least that's how I see things. I paid 800 for 4 mud sharks & wheels 10 years back, they want 900 for the ITP's today. Some things just don't change, ha.

  3. You are absolutely right for your situation BUT in this area, you really do not need a very aggressive tire and if you are on an ATV 20 miles from no where, you are in Alaska and not in KY!!! igf I lived in Alaska I would make sure I had a an 8ply set aling with a tire kit to boot any flat. I am passing this on to those that stock tires are all they need. To buy the cheapest stock tire after market usually is well over $50 per tire BUT if you check your shop as to take offs, they sell the new tire on the wheel for what the new tire alone would be normally.
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    Yup, we run a lot of new OEM take-offs on our three farm rigs (all of em Cat 500s) as well.
    One of them does have a set of 4-ply mud grips just on the rear just for use in the feedlots in the spring where the stockers fall short of traction but the other two are full stock all the way around.

    Around here a lot of the recreational riders strip em off and put nice (and expensive) aggressive mud grips on fancy aluminum rims instead so we even have a good cheap source of stock steel rims too.
    Actually it's funny to see all those nice fancy rims that are all corroded up from lack of cleaning...or with broken rims/centers laying in the scrap dumpster behind the local ATV shop.
    Sure, they look purty when they're new but they don't handle the off-road abuse like the stock steelies do.

    On our rigs, it's SOP to treat em with Slime right away since they do get a few small punctures from buckbrush, thornapples, and field stubble. Even a good 4- or 8-ply won't survive picking up a whitetail shed so when we find one of those out in the pasture it's easier on the wallet to replace a $75 OEM takeoff than a $150+ heavy-duty tire.

    I'm sure if I was out as far a Zhuhr is I'd probably look at a better tire for daily use, but for the farm rigs the stock take-offs work just fine for the pricetag.

    I do invest in good tires for my normal "4-wheeler"...a beat-up but built Nissan D21 pickup that will go almost anywhere an ATV will for 1/4th of the cost and anywhere a UTV will go.
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    I've been using slime or it's equivalent since my first 4 wheeler in 84 on old wooley boogers. People tell me nobody uses it anymore; but I figured, ya right. Having good tires is as important as a winch in these parts. I saw some mudzillas and they looked potent enough for the mud. I think I'm replacing the stock tires of my foreman with ITP bajacrosses

    Here's a good 4 wheeler story: Three years back the river came up thirty some feet over the road at ice out. When the klondike went out, all the ice came down and floated 1/4 mile in from river, crushing cabins, breaking tele poles like match sticks, and washing out our road for 5-6 miles. We had a few winter trails we had to use to get to town in April, May, June, and July until all the ice chunks the size of houses melted and they replaced the road. These trails were mud bogs. Wifey had to run atv to get to school every morn. (teacher). She even figured out how to use the winch on her own a few times.

    Then after a couple days, Sarah Palin showed up to let locals know she knew about our flood and was getting things together. Palin didn't have a film crew or anybody with her either, now that's classic Palin for sure. I knew her from the matsu and took her a gallon bag of my best moose jerky, and she walked around the town chewin away everybody later told me. So later, she asked how to get out the Indian village which is 8 miles from town, on the other side of several mile wash out. I told her we were using our mud bog trail but it was pretty bad shape. Palin had good clothes on, borrowed a 4 wheeler, and threw an old set of carharts on and took off on her own out the trail, no joke real deal Palin. Indians told me she she was covered head to toe with mud when she got there, but they really appreciated her visit. Then they complained that she didn't bring any booze, ciggs, or gov grants; can't take the Indian outta them. But Palin is the real deal and I miss seeing her shakin things up; ya know it would be completely different primary if she was running. Anyway, so much for my Palin 4 wheeler story.
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    Mud Sharks in better days.

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