German Moderate Muslim of the year busted for theft and fraud

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    Jan 11, 2010

    its in german so let me translate

    welfare fraud: extended families collect € 440 000
    WUPPERTAL with a raid in several cities of North Rhine-Westphalia, police and prosecutors on Wednesday alleged welfare fraud action against large families. 100 officers searched properties in Remscheid, Kerpen and Hamm reported that the prosecutor in Wuppertal.

    The defendants are said to have surreptitiously 440,000 € of social benefits by means-faked, even though they had achieved significant revenue in the trade of scrap.

    During the searches of several thousand euros cash and significant amounts of gold jewelry have been discovered and seized. The several dozen suspects could face up to five years in prison extended families, their ethnic origin, the authorities said were not officially advised by an examination of the tax office in suspicion.

    The auditors had found at scrap dealers in the Bergische Land to show up there among the registered scrap suppliers frequently the same name. A comparison with the consortium led then, that the suppliers were there as alleged poor recipients of social benefits. A total of 20 so-called communities of need came in a comparison under suspicion. The seized assets are now frozen because of judicial decisions. Is still unclear how the families have come to the scrap before it made him money.


    in short , these folks steal copper from electricity towers and black out huge area's the sell the copper over a million bucks a years worth the past few years and all are on welfare ( as usual) they are muslim and this is because they cannot be racially identified ( germans joke as only muslims are exempt this was)

    they stole over a million buck ( 440,000 euro's ) via the welfare system and authorities think theres 20 such group operating in the area
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