Gevarm .22 semi-auto?

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    Reply Gevarm .22 semi-auto?
    Hi everyone, any of you ever owned or shot a Gevarm .22 semi-auto?whats the accuracy like?is the reliablty good?are spares easy to get?whats the best ammo to put through one?

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  2. Hi Smokin Guns. I only own two Gevarms at present but have owned 11 different Model E1s over the years. EVERY Gevarm I've ever owned was completely reliable with no misfires regardless of what I was feeding it. And EVERY one of them was much more accurate than I was capable of wringing out of them. Because the E1 has no firing pin, but instead fires on the open bolt with a wedge machined across the bolt face acting as the pin, it gives the cartridge DOUBLE ignition on opposite sides of the rim. And because the E1 fires on the open bolt you have that huge recoil spring acting on the ignition rather than a puny little firing pin spring. The bolt strips a round out of the top of the magazine, shoves it into the chamber and WHAM!!!, the wedge ignites BOTH sides of the round. Almost every writer about these guns said the same thing, "This gun was way ahead of its time." I couldn't agree more. FFF (Below is a photo of my E1 in take down mode with both 8- and 20-rd mags beside it. Not pictured is my Model A7 with 4X scope.)
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    Hmmm...I don't think too many are floating around in Aussie, they have banned all semis, including rimfires and shotties.

    There are a few around here in New Zealand, plus a few VENTURINIS - those being the Argentinian copies.

    Luckily, in New Zealand ,we are a bit more relaxed when it comes ot firearms!

    Anyway, most of us here are getting ready for the roar, as our autumn (fall to you boys) is around the corner, not out shooting .22s.

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    I realize this is an old thread but gotta tell you, my son, it ain't banned here in Canada.
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    I live in Canada and Gevarms are not Banned! I think they are banned in some places but I have seen them for sale here next to baked goods at gun shows in Morse Sask Canada. I wish I had purchased the 50 shot mag for 300 Canadian but who really needs 50 shots of 22 LR.
  6. Gevarmfan

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    The Gevarm's love Remington Yellow Jacket hollowpoints. Lots of power and a fairly tight group from a bench rest with a scope. After sighting in the scopes lots of Rabbit stew and wood fired Pigeon breast dinners. Pigeons harvested from canola fields are very tasty! the stomach contains about 50% green grasses and the other 50% Canola seed. In the USA it my be called Rapeseed.
    The firearm forum may need a recipe thread!
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    Re: Gevarm .22 semi-auto

    I happen to have a Gévarm Model E1, high precision, automatic .22 L.R. with a riflescope (no magazine). It comes with an official certificate of the Chamber of Commerce of Saint-Etienne (France), dated 12th January 1960. It is left in my possession after my divorce in 1980, forgot I had it, found it back after emptying trunks because of redecoration works in the house. It is brandnew, packed in the original cardboard box, long rifle REX rim fire cartridges of Sellier & Bellot.
    Do you have a suggestion what to do with it? It is illegal to have fire arms in Belgium - even reporting its existence, or giving it to the authorities would cause problems...
  8. Aussie Hunter

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Hi Roberta I could be interested in your rifle if it is still available, drop me a quick line...
    I have all required paperwork to own and use that rifle.
    Thanks Cam
  9. Aussie Hunter

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Gday from Down Under Australia
    Where do i find Magazines for Gevarm E1 Rifle
    Thanks C.J.
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  10. Aussie Hunter, try this website:

    I'm told they still have a bunch on hand and are ordering another 100 or so. Price I was told is $42.50 (Canadian). Only talked with the one guy who had bought from them and gave me the info. I've not contacted WGP 'cause I have all the mags I want.

    Give it a try and let us know here what you learn. Good luck.

    Forgot to mention, these are 8-rd mags. My informant says they're working with the manufacturer to try to obtain the 20-rd. They want to learn if the hi-cap mags are legal.

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF

    An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.
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  11. Aussie Hunter

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Gday FFF
    Thanks for the heads-up. Ive E-mailed them and they do have the Gevarm Magazines made, it is an 8 shot mag, but the down side, in there own words "it can require qualified final fitting", and all orders must be phoned in, you can not order online.
    From what i could gather they have only 1 magazine for all the different Gevarm .22 Calibre rifle models and with modification there mag will fit into the entire range. So they are not exactly "plug n play" as such.....
    So i continued my search and spoke to number of members at my Shooting & Hunting Club and 2 days later was the proud owner of 3, YES 3, excellent condition, Gevarm E1 .22 Calibre Magazines, 1 x 12 shot (20 Shot Modified) and 2 x 10 shot mags with offers of 4-5 more 10 shot mags and even a couple of 20 shot mags. Now don’t get me wrong, they were not cheap but when you have a rifle with no magazine that’s not much use at all, and you can never have enough spare mags...
    In 1996 in Australia the Firearm Laws changed for the worse, and new laws meant that any firearm under the new law that was now deemed illegal must be handed in within 30 days, That meant ALL semi-autos regardless of calibre .177 and up, were banned. During the hand in you could take any weapon (Hand Gun, Rifle, Machine Gun, Knife, Bomb, Sword Etc) to a Police Station anonymously, with no fear of reprisal. Now lets remember that only Law abiding citizens actually did that.
    There were 10s of 1000s of Gevarms and other firearms crushed to pieces .
    It also meant every person must be licensed, which again us law abiding citizens don’t mind having to have a license if that is what it takes to participate in a sport & past-time that we love.

    But the crims and low-lifes in Australia that give shooting a bad name, don’t have Firearm Licenses but they still have there guns, a very common crime in Australia now is when a robbery is done they take all the Security guards weapons and some times only rob them of there weapons, fire arm crime is on a massive increase, and the profit in illegal firearms is staggering. Like anything that becomes illegal it just creates a huge Black Market

    The licensing system is also unbelievably strict and there are many licence categories depending on calibre, rimfire, centre fire, etc, etc.
    Im very fortunate that my licence allows me to still have semi-auto and Pump-Action firearms legally…

    Sorry about the novel message just keeping you up to date…if you want any E1 Mags let me know.

    Thanks C.J.
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  12. Glad to hear you made out so well, C.J. Late-breaking news, they're offering those 8-rd mags at one of our bigger online gun auction sites for just under $40, as best I recall.

    I didn't pursue it any further because I've got all I need already.

    Just to clarify a point: regarding Gevarm magazine capacities. All of their advertising indicates there were only TWO different mags offered: 8-rd and 20-rd. The 8 fit all four models of .22rf rifles they made, and the 20 fit the Model E1.

    Here again are photos of all four models, copied directly from one of the company's pamphlets. There's VERY minor differences between some of the models!


    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
  13. Aussie Hunter

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Gday FFF
    I know im pushing a friendship now, but are you aware of any Literature, Manuals, Blueprints, Brochures, Photos, anything regarding the Gevarm E1 .22 calibre rifle. I dont need new, just a copy would be fantastic...

    Thanks again
  14. Not really sure, C.J. I've got a bunch of stuff but it'll take me some time to round it up and get all my ducks in row to figure just exactly what I do have.

    Be patient, and I'll try to find all of it and send off anything regarding the E1. Not sure if I can PM it on email or do you have an email I can send it directly to. I THINK you can PM me on here with your email address.

    Best regards ~ ~ ~ FFF
  15. Aussie Hunter

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    Aug 25, 2009
    Just read an old thread of yours and was hoping this may help you to locate any Gevarm Info
    "In my photo files I've got pics of the Owner's Manual someone sent me, and have reproduced it very nicely just using my PC."
    I hope they are still there!!!
    Thanks a million C.J.
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