GI’s Darkest Hour – A Lament in battle

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  1. Soon after coming back from a particularly nasty mission...I wrote this down....

    I believe that it captures the sentiment of all of us while over there.... one of the creatures I have been keeping in the basement all these years. My son discovered all of my writings while he was rummaging through my stuff.... now that they are out.... I will try to post them....

    Rooter, Hope, Six and Berto................thanks for being there......


    GI’s Darkest Hour – A Lament in battle

    Take a man, then put him alone
    Put him 12,000 miles away from home
    Empty his heart of all but blood
    Make in live in sweat & mud

    This is the life I have, to live , to live
    And while my soul to the devil I give
    You, peace, run, from your easy chair
    But you don’t know what it’s like over there

    You have a ball, without near trying
    While over here your men are dying
    You burn your draft cards and march at dawn
    And plant your signs on the white house lawn

    You all want to ban the bomb
    “there’s no real war”, you say, “in Vietnam”
    you use your drugs and have your fun
    and then refuse to lift a gun

    there is nothing else for you to do
    and I’m supposed to die for you?
    I’ll hate you til the day I die
    You made me hear my buddy cry

    I saw his arm, a bloody shred
    I heard them say, “This ones dead”
    It’s quite a price he had to pay
    Not to live another day

    He had the guts to fight and die
    He paid the price, but what’s the buy?
    He bought your life by losing his
    But who gives a damn what a soldier gives?
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  2. Hope 69/70

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    Jan 31, 2001
    Mith, you did it again......Excellent!

    It is I who thanks you Mith. You have not only given of yourself in battle but you continue to give by being here and sharing a part of your life with us.

    Thanks for being a part of the VMBB.


  3. This wasn't an original Hope.... now that I look back through this box of stuff....I find that it was a combination of stuff others wrote.....

    So... I don't think I wrote it....

    But I do know that is was our feelings at that time....

  4. berto64

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    It's an outstanding piece Mith, anyway ya look at it. And so very true.

    I still hate Jimmy Carter's amnesty deal! The cowards who ran away should have never been allowed to return to this country and enjoy the benefits of what those 58,000+ helped preserve for us.