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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by henry0reilly, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. henry0reilly

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    May 22, 2004
    I thought this topic deserved it's own thread.

    In early December each year one of the local churches gets $2500 from the national synod to pay $50 each for any guns that people wish to dispose of. Three or 4 years ago a gun afficiando was sitting outside the police station attempting to purchase any nice pieces rather than see them destroyed. He observed an elderly lady turning in a Colt Python and someone else with a nice Ruger rifle. Both were turned but neither was listed in the newspaper article as guns that were destroyed.
  2. armedandsafe

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    There is a lot of theft that goes on related to the turn-ins. Both before and during. Gun theft goes up just before a well advertised turn-in program starts and the nicer pieces don't get destroyed. I remember reading about the small town police chief who had a Browning O/U strapped to the dash and an engraved Weatherby .300 in the trunk. Both had been stolen, and reported, before the turn-in program started. Didn't bother the Chief, apparently.


  3. Marlin

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    Pops is correct. Graft waiting to happen.

    Also, you will note that the National Council of Churches and many of the liberal protestant denominations are on record as being anti-gun supporting not only programmes like this but also financially supporting the likes of Brady and others. They must not read their Bibles which clearly state that self-defence is a reasonable, and, God given duty.

    A good book on this subject is "Shooting Back" by Charl Van Wyk. It has been available from the bookstore of WorldNetDaily, ShopNetDaily. Mr. Van Wyk is a South African that was in a church that terrorists entered one Sunday and opened up. He gives biblical background for the obligation to assist yourself and others in the event of attack.
  4. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    I sat outside a chruch, one fine day, holding a sign quoting Luke: "...sell your cloak and buy a sword." Embarrassed the pastor greatly. :D

  5. Remington597

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    Feb 24, 2004
    Very well stated. The UN knows that if it infiltrates the churches, then the next step is UN blue armored vehicles in the street and blue helmeted storm troopers taking us under armed guard to re-education camps.
    Now !, some of you think I am paranoid, great, its your freedom. I invite you to visit Great Britain and see if you can buy a hand gun there. (a real handgun, not a air gun). This is a country that has 800 years of firearms tradition. The day that happened is the day Koffi Annan toasted to the prince of darkness and the day Diane Feinstein kissed the huge bust of Lenin in her office.
    Great (not so great now)Britain used the same tactics with churches and buy back programs. Now the populace plays with air guns and hand guns are illigal. , and the fundamentalist muslim population there is on the increase, and so is potential terrorism against defenseless civilians.
    Well then, you ask yourself , who is paranoid now???
    I will not go into a church that prohibits firearms and CCW, if it does, I automatically know that is a kneels at the succor of satan's heels.
    I bet alot of intelligence experts where called "PARANOID" on Sept. 10th.
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  6. ysacres

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    Nov 10, 2001
    Wazzu WA
    I am going to start a "funds for firearms" program in my village, YES I will buy any firearm for fifty bucks. HUH!
  7. offeror

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    May 17, 2004
    NE Indiana
    In the long run, you almost couldn't lose on a deal like that. You might get a few junkers and some that were only worth what you paid, but the chances of getting a few deals would certainly be there as well. You could even stipulate handguns only if you felt like it. What I would do is suggest, as an NRA Life member, that a local church sponsor this event and let me be responsible for the guns turned in, since I would supply the "donation" to buy the guns with.

    Once the people turning in the guns had been paid, they would of course have no say in their disposal anyway. I could take 'em home and sort through at my leisure. The guns would have been transferred into MY safe hands, so there would be no mis-statement of fact involved (as long as I promised to make them safe in my collection, not destroy them) and the guns would indeed be safer than rattling around in some grandma's junk drawer waiting to be burgled.

    The church in your case would only be afoul of the community expectations if they promised to destroy everything turned in. Otherwise, I'm sure the cops felt they were within their usual privileges, selecting goodies from forfeit contraband or something, as some departments are apparently permitted to do to enhance their own arsenals from drug-related spoils. But of course the Colt Python didn't wind up on duty... it was taken home for somebody's private collection, and that is not kosher in any jurisdiction I'm aware of.
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  8. gpostal

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    Feb 20, 2003
    Buy all of them ,check their records to see if they are stolen ,then turn them back in on the next buyback program at least a guy could break even

    I have few that are not worth five bucks for parts ,and are legal ,I should hit the next buy back and make a few dollars

    Ya know if a bunch of people wanted to sabotage one of these programs ,all they would have to do is collect a bunch of crap guns ,and make it there first and drain all their buyback money
  9. Crpdeth

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    Apr 23, 2002
    Location location
    Very intelligent idea Postal.

    Since I'm interested in gunsmithing, someone here had the idea that I put an ad in the local paper, stating that I am in need of "junk or otherwise unwanted guns" for study purposes...Never know what gem you could come across, and you could dump the junkers off on the buyback program.

  10. henry0reilly

    henry0reilly Member

    May 22, 2004
    $50 for FUNCTIONAL guns

    I didn't mention that the church gun buying program pays only for functional firearms. The downtown gun shop (where I work occasionally) will buy used guns at that time for $55, provided they are worth that much. Normally he does not buy used guns or take trade-ins.
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