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  1. wjjones

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    Jan 9, 2012
    I have an old Glenfield model 60 firing issue I can fire 2 rounds, and it will not fire the 3rd round. I clear the 3rd round, and again it will fire 2 rounds, and not fire the 3rd again. What could cause this type of problem? It has been on the rack for 15 years I finally got around to getting a new stock cleaning it, and oiling it. I used 2 drops of oil on a q-tip, and that was all. If it helps any it also will not fire that 3rd round either.
  2. Juker

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    Feb 8, 2011
    Land of Lincoln
    That's an odd one, alright, but I'm betting it needs a complete breakdown and a good cleaning. As much as we cherish these beautiful rifles, they get fouled in a hurry, and after 15 years you've undoubtedly got a lot of old gunk in there.

    Don't worry about sparing the oil. After you've got 'er cleaned, wipe oil on every moving part, and everywhere metal runs against metal.

    If you don't have a manual for it, here it is:

    There are quite a few members here who own these rifles. Here's the one I've had for over 37 years.

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  3. im sorry but i will have to disagree with juker.too much oil will catch every partical of dirt and fouling,oil lightly just the moving parts at junctions where they meet another part.sorry old semperfi
  4. busykngt

    busykngt Member

    Jun 5, 2011
    Dallas, TX
    Please explain, "it will not fire" in more detail. Is the round loaded into the chamber & ready to be fired? Do the rounds that didn't fire show any signs of a firing pin strike on the rim of the round? While I'm not doubting your count of fire, fire, misfire - I think that's just a coincidence. What kind of ammo are you shooting? Some of the potential problem areas that come to mind are weak or worn out springs, worn firing pin, bent recoil rod. Does the bolt appear to go into full battery position? Some of these are more likely problems than others and I'd agree, start with a thorough cleaning (which you've apparently done). What do you mean, you got a new stock (again, please elaborate)?
  5. jack404

    jack404 Former Guest

    Jan 11, 2010
    i'll wager its a cleaning issue

    soot builds up and hold things tight , the first two shots tighten everything up until the third is a no fire ( FTL , firing pin not striking anything is possible if full of gunk )

    but yes a better explanation is really needed to figure this out , but early money from me .. cleaning ..
  6. Juker

    Juker New Member

    Feb 8, 2011
    Land of Lincoln
    Sorry, I should have clarified - wipe/rub, yes, like you're polishing your boots. I didn't mean soak the gun in oil, but 2 drops on a Q-tip as stated in the OP won't do much.
  7. Hawg

    Hawg Well-Known Member

    Mar 23, 2011
    You don't want to deluge it with oil but it's going to take a lot more than two drops on a q-tip.
  8. mr.t7024

    mr.t7024 Member

    After the cleaning, fire the rifle,keep firing until it misfires.Now check the brass and see how well the firing pin is striking the rim. A light strike just may mean the culprit is the firing pin. It happened to me,and I just put a little more bevel on the firing pin and I solved the problem,or just order a new firing pin! Cliff:)
  9. wjjones

    wjjones New Member

    Jan 9, 2012

    Yep I load it, and chamber the first round it will fire 2, and then nothing.. That 3rd round has no pin mark at all I use the remington (Golden Bullet) is what they call them. I shoot them alot in my 795, and they do great yesterday was the first time I got a chance to test fire the glenfield. I had to completely bring it back to life. The firng pin does ok for the 2 shots but its like it stops operating for the 3rd. Could it be a spring, or something that operates the firing pin, or the recoil spring,etc? I am guessing the lack of combustion from the 3rd round is causing the system to fail. I installed one of the ATI stocks on it as my brother dropped it, and broke the original stock.
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  10. wjjones

    wjjones New Member

    Jan 9, 2012
    I will as you all mentioned go back over it, and give it another good cleaning first as I may have missed something.. I will keep you updated as to what I find. I believe the long sleep on the rack is the main problem cause before the stock got broke, and we hung it up it would shoot the 19 rounds out with no problem..
  11. wjjones

    wjjones New Member

    Jan 9, 2012

    Thats a nice looking old Glenfield there Juker its identical to mine except for the tube retainer that keeps the tube in place at the end is a little different..
  12. Juker

    Juker New Member

    Feb 8, 2011
    Land of Lincoln
    Thanks. That photo was from a thread last year when I refinished the stock. They made quite a few different models; 'course, they're shorter now, only holding 14 rounds (?). I got this one for Christmas in 1974, still a fantastic shooter.
  13. Albtraum

    Albtraum Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2011
    My Model 60 had the same problem. It had no problems cycling, just wouldn't fire sometimes. After months of frustration, and cleaning it multiple times, I noticed the firing pin had a slight curve to it, and was slightly mushroomed on the back where the hammer hits it. Replaced that firing pin for $2 and it has never malfunctioned since.
  14. wjjones

    wjjones New Member

    Jan 9, 2012
    Thankyou Albtraum I will check that out as well..
  15. wjjones

    wjjones New Member

    Jan 9, 2012

    And Thankyou for the manual link too..:)..
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