Glock 20 or 22? Can't decide..

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Goatgruff, Sep 19, 2008.

  1. Goatgruff

    Goatgruff New Member

    I'm going to be buying a new Glock, but I can't decide between the 20 and the 22...

    First off, for the sake of some background (I'm new to the forum)... this will be my first purchase of a gun. I have plenty of firearms experience, I have hunted and plinked around with friends and family since I was a kid. This will just be the first gun I will personally own hah. It's possible I'll hunt with it from time to time, but it will be mostly for range shooting/plinking and home defense (I won't be carrying the weapon). And don't bother trying to talk me out of getting a Glock :p

    I'm leaning towards the 20, because I love the 10mm auto cartridge, IMO it blows the .40 s&w away. It was the original badass :p .. if it ain't broke don't fix it lol. At the same time though, it seems 10mm ammunition is getting harder to find, and is kind of on the expensive side. Plus, I'll be using all factory ammo. I'm kind of worried one day it might not be produced at all. The FBI just had to go and almost kill probably the best/most versatile cartridge ever made lol. I don't totally hate the .40 by any means, I just like the 10mm.

    I'm just looking for some opinions and info to swing me either way.
  2. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    Well...first let me say welcome!!!!! :)

    Get the G20...i think anyway. I've had them all at one point or another. The G21 is a good gun but not as good as a Sig P220. If i was to do the whole 45 thing again i'll go the Sig route. But i still think about getting another 10mm. I doubt ammo will become totally unavailable. Yes, the larger caliber ammo is more expensive but it does more. If it bothers you to spend so much on 10mm ammo for practice then you should get a 9mm to go along with it. That way you can run 50-100 rounds thru the 10 or 45 and then do the other 400-500 rounds from the cheaper 9mm...thus making practice cheaper. Who said you could only shoot one caliber or one pistol during practice sessions? :D

    Thats my opinion on it anyway. Again, welcome to the forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Goatgruff

    Goatgruff New Member

    Thanks for the welcoming! Nice to see another Glock fan, and a 10mm fan to boot!

    Actually I was talking about the G22, not the 21 :p;). Though I have thought about a 21 also. :D and I agree Sigs are awsome, but kind of pricey.

    Yeah, this is a good point. I don't know if I can afford to buy 2 pistols atm :eek: , but I usually always am practicing and plinking with buddies. So there is usually always few different calibers/pistols I can fire.

    My admiration for Glocks started when I first fired my friend's G17. I just love the lightweight and over all feel of them.

    Hah I'm also going to get a few aftermarket upgrades. I'm getting it with the Glock night sights, but also a Bar-Sto barrel, and a Wolff guide rod and springs. This is partially the reason I probably couldn't afford 2 pistols right now lol. Those and the extra mags and other accessories I'll be getting will add another 300-500 bucks to the price :p
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  4. williamd

    williamd New Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    Really like my Glock 22 40S&W ... but also my buddies Glock 45. Like the Glock 22 more than my Para P16-40 ... except for those 4 high cap mags I got with it years ago. No, I do not know what one does with 60+ shots but .....
  5. glocknut

    glocknut Active Member

    The 10 is highly under rated in my opinion...

    I better go back and rememorize my numbers... I know the G20 is the fullsize 10, the 21 is the fullsize 45, The 17 and 19 are the full size and medium size 9's.... beyond that i have to go back and rememorize the numbers i guess.
    The medium size 357 sig is another one that has my interest peaked. I don't like the 40's though in Glocks.

    If you're gonna get the fullsize 10mm, get the compensated version. That factory comp is incredible. I have a 19c that feels like i'm shooting a .22 rimfire.

    Its the consistant trigger pull that i like. Get a different Glock in a different caliber and the trigger is the exact same on each pistol...providing it has the same trigger pull weight. The standard is 5.5lbs and i like it the best.

    Night sights i can understand but i don't understand the idea of the new barrel or springs. The standard works just fine by me. Dinking arround with the original only invites problems. Reliability is the whole reason i like Glocks. Tinkering arround with things belongs more in the 1911 camp as there stuff hardly ever comes reliable "out of the box" anyways.... :D:D:D:D

  6. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002

    The only good thing about a GLOSH is it's


  7. DWARREN123

    DWARREN123 New Member

    Aug 23, 2003
    The G20 is a power house but ammo is expensive, the G22 has more reasonable ammo price. Reloading is the best way to go with both. Go with what you really, really want!:D
  8. RodneyJ

    RodneyJ New Member

    Jan 24, 2008
    Houston Texas
    I did not like my Glock 22 I traded it for A Glock 26. A friend of mine has the 40 S & W I find it handles better than the Glock 22. So I guess my vote would have to be for the Glock 20. I think every one need at least one fire arm that is dishwasher safe.
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