Glock 21SF?

Discussion in 'Centerfire Pistols & Revolvers' started by Scotty2Hotty, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Scotty2Hotty

    Scotty2Hotty New Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Delaware, Ohio
    I personally own a few glocks and love them to death, but wondering how people have been liking their 21SF's? I personally like the SF a bit better than the normal 21, I'm just debating on if it's worth purchasing. Thanks
  2. I think it largely depends on your own personal preferences, Scotty. The difference between the older Model 21 and the 21SF are three: first, the SF has an ambidextrous magazine release; second, the SF has a slimmer grip but still retains a 13 round capacity; and third, the SF come with a full MIL-SPEC 1913 Picatinny rail system. To me, only the second difference is of any great value since my hands are rather small, but if you happen to be left-handed, and intend to add accessories to the pistol, one and three come into play. Both pistols are a bit large, in my opinion, to use as carry weapons, but again, that is a matter of personal taste. Keep in mind as well that the magazines for the older Model 21 will not work with the SF because of the ambidextrous mag release, so purchase of new ones would be needed, and they are not particularly cheap. The new mags will, however, work in the older Mod 21.

  3. Scotty2Hotty

    Scotty2Hotty New Member

    Nov 24, 2007
    Delaware, Ohio
    I've read up and felt many 21's and the new 21SF, and I'll tell you the SF is a world better (atleast in my hands) compared to the 21. I've got a 23 for my CCW, so the 21SF is merely a defense/fun weapon mostly. If I do however happen to be hired upon a certain police force, I'm hoping that just maybe they'll let me carry the big .45ACP on my duty belt :D
  4. As an open-carry duty weapon for a LEO, I think either the 21 or 21SF would be an outstanding choice. Personally, I like Glocks and own two, a 33 in .357 Sig, and a 30 in .45 ACP.
  5. The SF's can be ordered many different ways, You can have a SF with a mil-spec rail and ambi release, You can get a SF with just the ambi release, Or you can get a SF with just a mil-spec rail. Or you can get a SF with a standard release and a standard rail
  6. Merick The Red

    Merick The Red New Member

    Feb 9, 2010
    Seattle, WA
    I just purchased a Glock 21 sf and have carried it concealed for a few months now.

    Its the best handgun I have ever owned.

    One thing to be aware of however, is the mag release design.

    Glock designed the mag release in a way that makes it difficult to drop the magazine when its full. This is to help the user avoid dropping the magazing prematurley during a high stress situation.
    A full magazine puts pressure on the mag release, making it necessary to press UP on the base of the magazine while pushing the release button. You can still drop a full mag without pushing up on it, but its not good for the release mechinisim and can cause it to stick, resulting in not locking the next magazine in place.

    Now once you have shot your magazine empty and are ready to reload, that pressure has been relieved and the mag relase button operates perfectly. Just lightly press the mag release and it drops right out, ready for another full mag.

    I have carried daily for over 5 years. I have owned Kimbers, Colts, Sigs, HK's, Walthers, Witness P's, Steyrs and Berettas. The new grip design on the Glock 21sf is what attracted me to it (and I think the new tactical rail is sexy).

    This is the best damn side arm I ever had, it conceals well (if you dress appropriately) and provides all the accuracy and control of a full size glock.

    Ill never carry anything else. Im an instant fan of the 21 sf.
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  7. xlr817

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    Jul 2, 2011
    RGV, TX
    I have a G21 SF & I really luv it! I like the slightly smallish grip, compare to my G20 10mm with the regular grip. However, I don't mind the reg size grip & I have a small/medium sized hand. I shoot well with both of these full size Glocks.:)
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