1. Discrimination, I say! Hire the lawyers, file the papers! We have a 1911 Forum, but no Glock forum! How about it? There are a few of us progressive types out there not married to an anachronism. :D ;)
  2. SouthernMoss

    SouthernMoss *Admin Tech Staff*

    Jan 1, 2003
    SW MS
    I'll pass the word on to Admin. :)

  3. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    We might include all the plastic guns and call it:

    "Tupperware Forum" !!!!!!!!!!
    :) :D :D
  4. flopshot

    flopshot New Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    North Carolina
    ""Tupperware Forum" !!!!!!!!!!"
    i'd go along with that if the 1911 forum was changed to the "paperweight" or :D "doorstop" forum. or we could just wait till they all rust away and take over the space.
  5. ROFLMAO! Very good, Flop. I couldn't have said it better myself! :D

  6. wolfgang2000

    wolfgang2000 New Member

    Dec 10, 2005
    Mountain Grove MO.
    Those 1911 people are afraid the glock forum will show up the 1911 forum. :eek: :p :D :D :D
  7. That would be axiomatic, Wolf. Comparing 1911s to Glocks is like comparing bicycles to Porches. :D
  8. Crpdeth

    Crpdeth Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2002
    Location location
    Naa, maybe it'll keep you boneheads out of the 1911 forums! :D

    Just kidding, I shot a glock once. Not a bad lil shooter.

  9. flopshot

    flopshot New Member

    Dec 3, 2005
    North Carolina
    is there a way to get the background to be black and the text to be white ? i have noticed that one improvement leads to another.
  10. I think I've figured out why there is no Glock Forum. Could it be that all the Admin people are reactionary old goats, like Marlin for example? Just a theory, you understand. :D :p :cool:
  11. inplanotx

    inplanotx Active Member

    Jan 28, 2002
    Now, that may be, but I see your birthday is today and you're still a young'un to us! :) :) :) Must be them plastic guns! :D :D :D :D

    Happy Birthday, PS! :D :D :D :D
  12. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    In spite of the younguns wanting always to play with them thar toy plastic guns . . . . . . .

    HAPPY NATAL DAY, Pistol, and may god richly bless you today and throughout the coming year.

    Attached Files:

  13. Inplano, Marlin, thanks for the birthday wishes. :) As for being a "young un," I consider myself old enough (57 today) to know better, but still young enough to go and do it anyway and probably get away with it, just not as often as when I was 21. :rolleyes:

    OK, Marlin, I guess you're not an old goat. A reactionary, yes, but not an old goat. :D
  14. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    My Dad once called himself a "Yankee Ole Timer", even when he was in his thirties. His hair was white as snow by the time he was 30!!!! I have always maintained, as did he, that one is only as old as he allows himself to be.

    SoMo would be the first to tell you I am as young as she!!!!

    Seven decades just applies to the bod, not the mind. Incidentally, I don't take issue with "reactionary", as I am then in good company, Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, Sam Adams and just about all the Foundings.

    :) :)
  15. Yeah, me too, Marlin, at least when it comes to politics, just not when it comes to Glocks v. 1911s. :D I might point out, however, that in their time the fine gentlemen you named were most assuredly not reactionary. Had they been, we would have a king now instead of a president. They were the progressives, the radicals, of their time, a product of the 18th century Enlightenment.

    You know, all kidding aside, I must admit to some reactionary tendencies myself when it comes to guns. For example, when it comes to rifle stocks and revolver grips, I still much prefer the feel of fine wood (preferably walnut) over plastic any day of the week. I am still overly fond of the deep bluing of the older guns, the kind the EPA won't allow anymore, in place of the soulessness of the stainless steel that is so common today.
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