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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tuckerd1, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. tuckerd1

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    I got some CMU columns and retaining walls I want to veneer in limestone. Want a rustic look.

    How much per ton (very competitive prices) are:

    Split Retaining Wall Stone

    Split Rubble Veneer

    Modular Split Rubble Venneer

    Is delivery included in the price and how far will you go for that price. I know you are in Arkansas. I'm trying to come up with comparable prices for bartering with the quarries here in Alabama.

    Trying to cover columns on this house.

    Thanks for the info,

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  2. Tuckered, I never thought to ask before....Are you in Fife ( or is it Pfife? ) Alabama? You know, where they see all them UFO's. I hear stills are pretty common there. :rolleyes:

  3. tuckerd1

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    I'm 5 mi north of Princeton. About 6 miles to Tenn. Near a spot in the road called Larkin

    BTW, ain't seen no UFO's till you get nearh a still.
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    Our Hydraulicly machine split retaining wall blocks are $90 a ton....they come in a variety of hights and lengths, and can be split to any front to back debth that you like...from 6" to 12" and they have a least one machine split face devoid of any drill marks, most have two split face a freestanding wall type

    Our "rough" split rubble veneer ranges from $90 a ton to $130 a ton depending on which layer it comes from.....We are fortunate to have multiple layers with different colors in each.....Solid grey, Orange grey, grey with black stripes, medium grey with white specks, dark grey with white specks, med grey with white lines through, static, blue/grey with dark blue horizontal stripes, blue/grey with patches of orange/rust, and light grey with white streaks.......
    And then there are layers that we will soon feather into as we go back into the mountain.....grey with red streaks.....I look forward to that one...

    Modular split rubble veneer.....
    I had to go look at our webpage to find out what you were talkin about on that one.....
    Our webpage was constructed by our office manager whos terminology does'nt always match what things really are. When he put that on the webpage he called it modular split veneer which i suppose is correct in a general sense.....However this is made up of two categories.....

    The first is what we call sawed top and bottom with rough split sides, which is sawed on the top and bottom to whatever heights the customer wants.....the standard is 2 5/8", 5 5/8", 8 5/8", and 11 5/8", which will intercourse "no pun intended" with king size bricks, but we can cut them to whatever heights a customer requests such as 3 1/2", 7" and 11".....whatever blows your hair back....this type runs anywhere from $160 a ton on the lower priced layers of stone to $230 a ton for the solid light grey "almost white" layer......

    The second type is more costly to make which is sawed on 4, bottom and both sides with only the face being machine split......this one is my is much easier to hand pitch a bulge face on.....sawed surfaces are much easier to work with for that task... The last time my dad quoted me a price on this it was $350 a ton which i think is slightly cheaper than they normally sell it for....i believe anyway.

    Another thing to consider is the coverage. Jerold had the coverage listed as 35 square feet to the ton being split at 5"to 6" front to back debth....
    Sawed stone can be split thinner from front to back than the rough split stone can be.....sawed can be taken all the way down to 3" thick "FTB" which will dramaticly increase the coverage. One customer told us that he got 50 to 55 square feet coverage out of the stone with the 3" FTB split....
    There's one catch though....its really hard to get the taller stones to split that thin.....meaning if you want thinner stone veneer you will wind up going with a mix that has very few 11 5/8" tall stone in it, if any at all.... 8 5/8" is pretty much the max on height if you went with the thinner split version......

    Shipping is'nt included in the price unfortunately......

    We had an independant driver who hauled our stone at what i thought were reasonable prices, but he just bit the hand that fed i don't know what shipping would run for a trip that far.....
    A guess, and only a guess is that it might be somewhere arround a $1000 a trip....and they can haul 24 tons per trip...
    Remember though...thats just a guess...
    Some of the freight lines have quoted us some pretty reasonable rates of late...we sent some stone to kansas city Mo for $250 here a while back "2 pallets"...they were hauling for several other companys its hard to tell....

    I have a couple of questions for ya..

    Is that your house, or are you the contractor, or just the stone layer?

    If you are going to lay the stone yourself I suggest you call spartan tool in elberton, Ga and get youself an "offset" handset with a 3" carbide tip.....pitching tool....they are wonderful for shaping stone...

    I'll have to take some pictures one of these days and post them here on TFF...

    Anybody want me to do that? Let me know!

    I think I've covered the bases.....let me know if you have any other questions.....

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  5. glocknut

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  6. SouthernMoss

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    Jan 1, 2003
    SW MS
    Love to see 'em, GN!
  7. glocknut

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    I'll do it then.....

  8. tuckerd1

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    Thanks Mike! That is my house my sons and I built. Moved in it last April. Didn't have a pic available of it finished when I made the post. Still need to do the rock work.

    1st and 2nd floors have been done since I moved in. Working now on the basement which includes gameroom, gunroom/vault and parking garage. Been outside clearing underbrush and reclaiming some of my land from the growth and the rocks.

    I am not a stone mason. I have built a few retaining walls, but I'm real slow. I have plenty of limestone on my place but it is not uniform enough to do what I want to do on the house. I'm going to use it for small retaining walls though.

    Post some pics. If interested I'll post some of my place and the surrounding scenery too.

    Thanks again for the prices and tip on the tools.

  9. SouthernMoss

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    Jan 1, 2003
    SW MS
    By all means, Tuck ... post some pics. :)
  10. glocknut

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    You will want to try some experiments with laying stone before you start on anything like the columns and such.....

    It never hurts to get a book or two on the subject either.....


    most of my good picts are already in picture form....I'll scan them and upload them soon...
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