God I love Russian Cosmo

Discussion in 'Curio & Relics Forum' started by cointoss2, Mar 3, 2003.

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    Look what followed me home, honey, can I keep at least one?

    Picked op three 91/30 cosmo queens from Aim today, the Non-matching "Dropped in the Rubble Only Once Condition" I have a soft spot for.

    The Soviet private that greased up the 1944 Ishevsk shoulda' got a "Hero of the Soviet Union" medal for his cosmo job though, I gave up on it for tonite, a rag and denatured alcohol ain't gonna cut it...it's gonna have to take a bath tomorrow.

    I wonder if in their WILDEST dreams about 40-50 years ago when they were greasing them up for storage, they thought some AMERICAN would be cleaning it off someday in his kitchen...

    The '31 Tula octagon is a keeper though, for sure...decent wood, about 80%, nice markings, good bore.

    The '38 Tula would be VG-EX if not for the ugly gouge on one side of the stock...

    They let me pick through about 8 of them no charge, seemed like my choice was 95%+ rearsenaled metal and crappy stocks or pitted no finish and decent wood.

    Them gouges don't look so bad...

    Anybody ever buy stocks from Springfield Sporters? I wonder if they have good ones...

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    Springfield Sporters has a lot of stocks. I have had good dealings with them in the past - just be explicit what you are looking for. One time years ago, I decided to check with them to see if they still had some Astra Model 400 Chilean Navy contract pistols that they had advertised about a year earlier. Low and behold, they still had a few squirreled away, and I got one. Blind squirrel finds acorn.
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    In Indiana it's a blind pig and a pile of sheit...

    Hey, it's rainy and yucky so no yard work. Gonna sit out on the porch with some rags and gasoline and alcohol and see if I can win the Cosmoline War.

    As long as I don't go down in flames...

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    Good luck polishshooter - and dang it ain't fair that I live so far away from all the good stuff

    Enjoy the weapons!!!

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    They cleaned up pretty nicely, two of the three are almost 90-95% on the metal, just a few gouges in the stock, the wood doesn't look half bad.

    The 31 Tula intrigues me. The stock is definitely different than any other 91/30 I have, or have seen.

    First thing I noticed was the sling slots are screwed on with teeny screws.

    Then when I took it apart, the through holes for the two action bolts are reinforced with metal plates, as is the end the rod screws in to.

    And the trigger is the first real two stage I ever felt on my MNs. All my other 91/30s and 44s, and even the 91 I bought from Bob are single stage and vary in pull, but this one is a real two stage. Can't wait to shoot it, it's definitely the keeper of the bunch for sure.

    The 44 Ish had absolutely the most cosmoline I have EVER seen on a gun yet...
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