Gold Dot or HydraShok for defense?

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  1. What do you folks think is the better self-defense bullet, the Speer Gold Dot or the Federal HydraShok? Personally, I like both of these designs and feel relatively comfortable with either and more or less use them interchangably in my carry weapons. The only exception to that rule is with my S&W 637 in which I always carry that new 135 grain +P Gold Dot that Speer developed specifically for the .38 snubbie at the request of the NYC police department. While we're on the subject, what do you think of the Corbon line of ammo? Are these max-pressure rounds really any better performing than the Gold Dots or HydraShoks, or is Peter Pi's argument about velocity just so much hype?
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    Nov 21, 2005
    I am carrying Ranger t 165 gr .40 S&W and 127 gr +P+ 9mm in my Glocks and Beretta and Gold dot 125 gr .357 mag with 12 rounds of it in speedloaders with my Taurus 627 7 shot stainless DAO snubbie, but I am probably going to switch to Ranger t .38 special 110 gr +P+ for the snubbie. Apparently the federal HST has been quite impressive and according to reports released by Federal ATK from ballistics workshops they have had with a number of sherriffs offices the HST outpreformed the Ranger T Golden Sabers and Gold Dots in the loads tested. Apparently the test was legitimate with the reps for the companies being in attendance and supplying their own testing product/equipment and Federal found the results favorable to them and published it. Like I have always said though a block of gelatin does not shoot back. You just cant always tell from test performance how a load will work on the street. Gel testing is only a guide/idea of performance. I am also interested to see how the new Ranger T bonded will do as most of the "failures" Ranger t, Gold Dots and Sabers had were jacket/core separation after glass and other barriers. has .40 S&W 180 grain HST for sale and has the best deal available to civilians on the Ranger T ammo that I have ever seen and they are honest businesspeople. Great service/product.
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    Corbon is GOOD stuff, they are top of the line. That being said either of your choices, WELL PLACED, are effective rounds.
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    Yeah I have some .40 S&W 135 grain Pow R Ball and some 9mm +P 100 grain Pow R Ball put up. Great stuff but I think I prefer the Ranger T as an all around good carry load but it's really just a preference. Any of the good premium factory loadings these days particularly the hot top of the line stuff will get the job done. It's all about hitting the target in the end. I try to just make a sensible choice I like that I shoot well and is accurate from whatever gun I'm buying for.
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