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    Two men walk into the clubhouse as singles and talk to the starter. He tells them the course is somewhat full and if they would mind playing as a twosome. They agree and tee off. The talk starts out with the standard "what do you do". One guy says "I'm a stockbroker and actually have a house up on the hill you can see from here" The other guy says "Well I'm a freelance hitman and I carry the tool of my trade in my golf bag. Want to see it?" "Sure" says the first to which the hitman withdraws a custom made semi-auto with a 9 X 18 scope. The stockbroker says "Wow that sight looks like a telescope - could I see into my house with it from here?" The hitman said "give it a try" and unfolds the stock and shows him how to hold it. The stockbroker while peering through the scope say "yes, I can see into my house, and what? My best friend is in my house, and so is my wife and they are in our bedroom taking their clothes off!" He hands the rifle back to the hitman who immediatly shoulders it for a look. The stockbroker says what would you charge me to shoot both of them right now" "well" says the hitman "I usually get about the cost of the Porsche I saw you get out of but what the hell, I'll do it for a thousand bucks each" The stockbroker said ok but then told the hitman " I do not want them killed, just taught a lesson" I have known this guy since college so just shoot him in the (you know) and as far as my wife is concerned can you just shoot her through the cheeks because she has always been nothing but a big mouth" the hitman said no problem and chambered a round and sighted in. The stockbroker waited several minutes and then said "well, aren't you going to shoot?" The hitman replied, "Hold on! Give me another minute or so and I can save you a thousand bucks"
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    :eek: :D :D That's funny!!!
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    I don't get it....... :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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    oldie but a goodie....
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