Good deal on a .22 rifle

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by Smokin Guns, Mar 8, 2003.

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    Reply Good deal on a .22 rifle

    I bought a Romanian bolt action, clip fed, training rifle at Big 5 for $39 on sale. I felt if it was junk, it was only going to put me out $39 and at least make a good conversation piece, but I was surprised under all that packing gunk was a fairly good .22. Sure it’s not pretty but it shoots very accurately! I went to Wall Mart and got a Simmons $25 3-9x 32mm scope and the standard .22 base (I had to give It a good squeeze in a vice to accommodate the smaller base) and 1” rings. All said and done I was under $80. How’s the accuracy? I can hit the end of a Q-Tip at 100ft with Aguila Colibri .22 ammo (nice stuff for indoor shooting).

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    Re: Good deal on a .22 rifle
    I got one and it is not pretty but boy it shure does shoot good.

    Just the other night me the wife and kids went out for a shooting contest. We played rock/paper/scissors and the winner would get to go place the target and pick the gun you had to use.

    The targets were eggs and the kids were hiding them damn good. Of course when they picked my gun they picked the beat up ugly old Romanian .22 with the rope sling and no scope. I just stood back and smiled.

    They put my egg about fifty yards away in a brush pile behind some tall weeds. All I could see was a wee bit of a speck of white. I was kind of worried casue I only had 1/4 inch of target but I got it in 3 shots.

    Winner had to do no house cleaning for a week
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    Reply Re: Good deal on a .22 rifle
    those surplus 22 training rifles are a heckuva deal for the money and the dinged up dosen't matter if you want pretty you have to spend a pretty penny (dollars these days)
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