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    Man is shot twice after brandishing rifle at group

    Michael Ferraresi
    The Arizona Republic
    Mar. 13, 2007 12:00 AM
    CAVE CREEK - A man shot twice by a neighbor armed with a .357 Magnum could face aggravated assault charges for provoking the fight in a Cave Creek neighborhood, officials said Monday.

    Ramiro M. Rodriguez is accused of pointing a rifle at a group of neighbors before he was shot by a 56-year-old man who called Maricopa County Sheriff's Office during the Saturday afternoon incident.

    Rodriguez was taken to John C. Lincoln-North Mountain after the 12:30 p.m. shooting in the neighborhood behind the Roadhouse bar at Vermeersch and Cave Creek Road.

    Rodriguez was booked at an area jail after he was released from the hospital, Sheriff's Deputy Doug Matteson said.
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    Shot twice, and already out of the hospital?
    Too bad.

  3. Not enough facts here for me to offer a view, in my opinion, and too much is unknown about the apparent ongoing feud. Basically, brandishing a firearm is stupid, but the victims may be familiar with the strange behavior of their neighbor. What if a CCW holder happens to be around? Sorry, bud, that's your problem.

    But when said brandisher actually points a weapon at another human, I would be hard pressed to find any reason to not shoot him, especially if said brandisher was dumb enough to light any rounds.

    But here is what's scarey. What if you live in California? CCW permits are all but impossible here, so unless you carry anyway, you don't have to worry about defending your selves or your loved ones. It is simply not allowed, and any remote chance of self defence is under review. Never mind the constitution or your standing in the community, we, the NEW government will not allow you to protect yourself, and we don't give one flying f(@& what the constitution says. Yup, that is what they are trying to sell us!

    Dig in your heels, and yell, "Whoa back, giddy up!"

    Stop this crap right now, before it softens into s*$@ that can't be trapped in honest hands!LL

    Keep your arms and fight for that constitutional mandate!

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    There ya go mixin' an actual incident with some off the wall hypothetical crazy what if about Kalifornicate.

    Open carry is legal in AZ and AZ is a shall issue state.
    It sounds to me like there were more than enough witnesses to back up the shooter or else the idiota would not have been put in the hoosgow after his visit to the hospital.

    Let's live in the real world folks, not in the 'What if' world.

    Woulda, coulda, shoulda don't hold water in the real world.
    And that's where I choose to live.
  5. No reply berto64, respectfully - thought I said all I wanted above.

    Keep your powder dry!

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