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    Dec 12, 2002
    central MS
    i started thinking what would it take to get the aguilas to load in a pistol propperly?...or there anything i can do for the CB Longs that would make them eject out of the pistol like a standard bullet? like bang...then the shell ejects...and so on, like your regular gun?...isn't there anyhting i could file down to achieve this?...
    heres the deal i am thinking of running CB Longs in my buckmark, with the 14inch barrel...and want it to shoot like a regular gun...ya'll catchin' on?
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  3. z537z

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    Won't work man. You just won't get the spring to shoot back.

    If you're looking for a bit quieter try subsonic rounds. Remingtons will cycle in something that's got an easy-going slide on it. Inbetween regular and CB's, but closer to regular in sound level.

    CB's are great though aren't they? Unless you're hunting with em, in which case it's a headshot or nothin.

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    Mar 27, 2003
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    Ok I am lost ,what is a CB ? I have shot many aguilas sub sonics thru my buckmark and they cycle fine. Very potent coon medicine.
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    THey are an under powered round like a short but longer
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    not really

    CB's (CB long and CB short are idenctical powder charge and round, just different size case), and Aguila colibri rounds are primer only, with maybe a little powder in there. It's all glued to the bottom. Open a shell up and you'll see it's mostly empty.

    They're quiet because there's no powder to make a "bang." Or at least barely any.

    Subsonics are just a lighter (slower burning) powder, or just not filled as much, so that you don't get quite the bang because you don't get the sonic boom, but they're still much louder than the CB's.

    From slowest to fastest in FPS, there's the Aguila Colibri, Aguila Super Colibri, and CCI CB (long or short). But CB's are still about as loud as, as someone put it some time ago, a bug's fart.

    Hope this helps. I personally wish they made CB's in a HP round, because as it stands they're quieter than most BB guns, so you can get the critters in your back yard. Just don't plan in killing anything without either 3+ rounds or a headshot (hard to do unless you're sighted in with this round, which is a bear when you go ahead and sight BACK in for your regular rounds). Not even squirrels, I've watched chipmunk after munk scurry off after 1 or 2 rounds in em.

    Happy huntin, hope this helps

  7. corpis66

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    Dec 12, 2002
    central MS
    so even if i cut down the spring for the slide the pressure will not let up any? ...hrmm subs would be fine i guess... but i wanted something without any sounds really..for the yard...killin stuff yanoe without wakin everyone in the house...and the few acres away...catch my drift?...just sucks with the aguilas they dont load in the pistol from the magazine. without all the extra effort...hell i guess i could shoot my pellet gun all day reeks.
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    Hold your pistol sideways, with a CB or Colibri in the chamber and fire it using your thumb on the trigger so you can see the slide from a profile view. You'll notice that it won't slide back at all, or maybe 1/8" or so if it's REALLY slippery.

    Your hopes of getting your gun to cycle rely on you changing the spring to that of a retractable pen (or something even less powerful). Sorry buddy, I know the feeling of needing to re-chamber in a hurry to get the critter on the run. That's why I got bolt action! Semis work well too cycling manually. BB guns suck until you spend more than a .22 on a nice Beeman or something. Happy huntin,


    EDIT: And yeah BBs and CBs are all you really got for backyard work, which is of course where ALL our 4-legged friends camp out.
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