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    By Devvy Kidd

    October 7, 2003

    There seems to be a defeatist attitude out in America with a common theme: It's all over! We can't win! There is no constitution! Get your guns!

    Really? Let me share with you an event I went to on October 3, 2003. The keynote speaker at this event was Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. I was very proud to have a moment to speak with him and shake his hand.

    Judicial Tyranny was the focus of the evening. This event was held at Archbishop Spaulding High School in a small, rural town just outside Baltimore. The capacity for that auditorium is 1200. There was no charge to attend this event and there were no seats left thirty minutes before the show even began. The sponsors had to discontinue advertising two weeks prior to the date because so many people had already called for a seat reservation.


    The sponsors of this event was Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) in association with The Law Office of Peroutka and Peroutka. The Director of IOTC is the individual who called to invite me to this event, Don Dwyer, House of Delegates, Maryland State Legislature.

    The co-Founders of IOTC are two attorneys who are also brothers that teach constitutional history to those who wish to know what the public indoctrination centers and law schools don't teach. Yes, that's right: lawyers teaching the constitution. There is a mind set in the 'freedom movement' that all attorneys are sharks and in bed with the judges and prosecutors. Certainly there are too many uneducated lawyers in this country and far too many who do fall into the category of shysters. However, I continue to meet very dedicated individuals who are lawyers that are standing up to this tyrannical government and spending their precious 'spare' time teaching others about our history, tradition and the way the law is supposed to work.

    One of the announcers was Maryland State Senator Alex X. Mooney, who is also the associate Director of IOTC. Howard Phillips, President of the Conservative Caucus, gave the introduction of Judge Moore after a short film clip from recent events down in Montgomery, Alabama. This writer was somewhat astounded by the actual number of people who attended Moore's rallies. It seems the "mainstream" media, including cable stations like FOX, used selected panning in their coverage.

    The Institute on the Constitution teaches a 12-week course on history and our moral law. Delegate Dwyer announced during the evening that besides a half dozen members of the legislature in attendance, nine other members of the Maryland State Legislature have agreed to attend these constitutional training classes. Did you ever think you'd see the day, especially during these trying times, when a respectable number of public servants would voluntarily sign up for this type of class? Well, it's true and it is a very positive step, believe me.

    Judicial Tyranny

    Judge Moore is a very gifted speaker. His presentation was backed up by documents projected onto a big screen. Throughout his speech he constantly emphasized that the battle down in Alabama wasn't about religion or the Ten Commandments, it is about our moral law. It's about written law that is there for all to see. He also, to my delight, spoke articulately about the magic trick the U.S. Supreme Court pulled back in 1947 in Everson v Board of Education, using the Fourteenth Amendment to nullify the first part of the First Amendment. This writer has addressed this very critical bastardization of the law in previous articles: The Battle in Alabama.

    Judge Moore and the other speakers continued to reinforce the severe problem that exists in this country with federal judges running amok and hallucinating decisions that reflect their social agenda and violate the U.S. Constitution. People should understand that not everyone in this country is sitting around just calling talk radio or writing articles that complain and never offer up any solutions. Andrew Jackson said, "One man with courage makes a majority," and that event was a shining example of many men with courage.

    Stay the course

    One thing Judge Moore said is so very true: change comes one city, one town, one county at a time. If you don't try, the bad guys win by default. No matter how overwhelming the odds seem, you don't sit back and simply say, it's all over. Well, it's not and for those of us who have our backsides exposed on your behalf, don't expect me to respect you unless you step forward and join us.

    Delegate Dwyer announced from the podium, along with Maryland State Senator Alex X. Mooney, that when our legislature cranks up for its next session, they will be introducing a bill that will stop the federal judiciary from wreaking havoc in Maryland. This was met with thundering applause from the audience. These individuals are all no nonsense elected public servants who believe in our Constitutional Republic. They ran for public office to stop social democracy from taking any more root in this country than has already occurred. We the people will be standing right behind them supporting this legislation.

    We won't just roll over

    That night I saw more than 1200 average working men and women converged in one place and it was a good feeling. Americans who have had enough and are willing to get out there, hear the truth, learn the facts and then act on them. This fight begun by Judge Moore is far from over. The stakes are very high and the ACLU is going to lose. They are going to lose because the people of this country are learning the law, learning about separation of church and state and more importantly, they are standing up and very vocally saying, NO. No more destruction of our rights and no more standing by like lambs to the slaughter while these judges impose their idea of social engineering on the people.

    Severn, Maryland isn't the only town in America hosting events like this, it's everywhere. We the People are standing up in increasing numbers and telling our servant government, state or federal, that we are a nation of laws and we expect them to be obeyed by those who are elected to serve. I submit to you that if the people would just take the time to reach out to their county sheriff, members of their city counsel and state legislatures and let them know you will stand firm behind them, many more would take that important first public step. But, they need to know the people will be there for them.

    For those who want to adopt the position that the only answer for America's problems is another armed revolution, I say to them: No, this is not the answer. It takes time to reach those Americans who cherish freedom and are willing to sacrifice their fun time to hunker down, stay focused and stay the course. Without help from the dominant media, our work is made more difficult, but we have tools our Founding Fathers did not, i.e the Internet, phones, talk radio and independent publications.

    We have a fire in our belly and a determination the statist/elitists are too arrogant to understand or appreciate. My heart soared at the Judge Moore event. I was fortunate to be seated in the front row and when I looked behind me, I saw well over one thousand Americans, young, old, black, white, short and tall, all together in one place to crying 'Freedom!' Judge Moore asked the question: Are we going to sit back and allow this judicial tyranny to continue? The building shook from the thunderous response of more than one thousand Americans saying 'NO.'

    Not one person in the room spoke of the worst case scenario. What was spoken were words of hope and the knowledge that Almighty God is with us, guiding us and he will not abandon this great land if the people ask for his forgiveness and help. Everyone in that building, we all understand what lies ahead. We understand it's not going to happen over night, it won't be without hardship and pain, but we know that in the end, we will prevail. What has been done, can be undone.

    What part will you play in history? Will you be one of those who sends only a message of despair and hopelessness or will you be one of America's warriors? If you'd like to find out how to get involved, visit:
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    Good post Shiz!
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    Screw it. I already have my musket loaded.
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    Throughout his speech he constantly emphasized that the battle down in Alabama wasn't about religion or the Ten Commandments, it is about our moral law. It's about written law that is there for all to see.

    This is an important point. People have gotten so focused on the Ten Commandments monument that they are losing the big picture.

    ...federal judges running amok and hallucinating decisions that reflect their social agenda and violate the U.S. Constitution

    I love that term : hallucinating decisions
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