Grandfather's Marlin 1892

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  1. I just joined the forum today because I have taken up shooting again after 40year absence. How could I forget how much fun it is?!

    I have my grandfather's Marlin lever action .22. He was the original owner. It has an interupted screw at the muzzle. My brother tells me that my grandfather had a basement shooting range. (!) The screw was probably for a quarter twist silencer, but I cannot be sure. The gunsmith at a local range thinks it was a Factory equipped screw (and factory altered magazine tube release, as well.)

    It has a tang vernier site (and a strange looking elkhorn atop the barrel.) The bluing is original, and quite beautiful. The stock has scratches in the finish, but the wood appears very good, perhaps needing some steaming, at most. Metal condition is good, with a few scratches. (The gun was used for occasional plinking and target shooting over a couple of generations.) I don't know the terminology, but the thin, lever actuated slide ejection door appears to have been replaced (different finish). Perhaps all of the rest is original. I am not a gunsmith, and I have not done a detail strip -- but it appears original. The best bluing photo shows the complete serial #, which I do not wish to show (it's manufacture was between 1912-1916, we think). The other photos give an idea of condition. I have a hunch that it's a pretty unusual rifle. I don't think we're interested in selling, but I'm wondering if I should get a gun-safe. See photos attached. (They're good photos, but I get a "missing security token" message, and they won't attach. Sorry.

    Thanks for any info you can give.
  2. cant help without seeing but as far as gun safe you can always call and have added to policy. old semperfi

  3. Any idea why the photos (jpg format) won't attach?
  4. This is very frustrating. I have 8 nice photos of the Marlin, none of which will attach.
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    "Missing security token" doesn't ring any bell with me. I'm not sure what might be happening here. If you have them posted up on another site, you can (on most sites) get a url to use to embed them here, using the "insert image" icon at the top of the message.

    Somebody will be along shortly to help us out here.

  6. Here's another attempt at photos with pdf:

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  7. Here are some more...

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