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    Many years ago, I was coaching a youth baseball team (still do). Both boys were on the team. The older one was our best player, my younger one was good, but he just moved up from T-ball. 'Eric' had not gotten a hit yet, and I had mandatory overtime.:(

    I got there just after the game ended. Our Team Mom was telling me about how Eric got three hits in the game (first ones of the year). 'Nancy' had the greatest 'rack' at the park. She was 'outstanding'. I was bemoaning the fact that I wasn't there, when he got his first hits. She said he got those hits because she gave him 'some great tips'.

    I said 'Nancy, I've always thought, you had great tips'. :D

    This is a true story.:cool:
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    You left out the most important part. What did she say?

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    Heh great "tips" yeah, right:D:p:D
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    Inquiring minds want to know -
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    Well, she hit me in the shoulder, feigned anger, smiled and walked away. I swear she 'posed' for me when she thought I was looking (and her husband wasn't) til her son moved up to the next level.