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    Nov 16, 2008
    Hey guys just picked up my first GSG-5L
    What a fun gun! I shot several different rounds but most remington gold. I bought a box of that at walmart for $16 550 rounds! They felt alot better shooting than the subsonics but they worked too.
    The gun did stove pipe alot - well not alot but maybe 10 times out of about 400 rounds. I hope its just breaking in. I did fire some mini mag CCI which fired just as good as the rem. golds.
    only fired a few CCI though about 25 rounds. I also fired some alguila supers - they fired without a jam 50 rounds and so did the win. white box 50 rounds no jams.

    The review I have is short since my time with the gun wasnt that long.
    First of all i think this gsg5 is a very good build. It isnt the real MP5 but its very close. For $500 Its excellent. I heard before i bought it that their was a weak stock but mine seemed fine. It did seem like it might be cheap compared to other stocks that you could break someones head with (sorry that was the first thing that came to mind) but like everything that can be changed. The rest of the gun did impress me as far as it being a knock off and all. I would buy another from this company if i could but the pistol version is illegal here in CT Im happy to have the riffle though
    It took some time to find one. Every dealer said they just cant keep them in. The place i bought it from i had got the last one in stock and one of the employees was going to buy it but i beat him to it. Funny after i bought it i found a guy in my town that has a connect with ATI and gets them whenever he wants. I do not know him personaly nor am i promoting him but he does have a number of them and accessories too. ( PM me if you would like to know the dealer. )

    Okay so yes this riffle was fun! I didnt know what that meant untill i bought it and shot it. I kept reading from other reviewers that the gsg5 was a fun fun gun to shoot. But what does that mean??? to me every gun is fun to shoot. Its really almost unexplainable. It might not be your cup of tea nor shoot as well as a 10/22 or some others but the feel of it, the action and the fact that its almost a MP5 is awesome!
    The mags are really great too - 24 rounders! Its the easiest mag i have ever loaded and seems like its very durable, although kinda pricey. I bought a second mag for $33. At 30 feet i shot 1/2 groups very easily. And at 60 feet i shot 1/2 to 1 inch groups (only 50 rounds at this distance) So i think the gun is pretty accurate. Im not the best shot so this was really good for me. actaully i never really shoot 22 lol 45s are my main thing but i think ill inprove very fast with this gun since its really smooth shooting.
    Guys i wish i could compare it to the all mighty 10/22 but i really cant. But from what ive read if you want to be that accurate just buy a bolt action.
    What else can i say... it was a very user friendly gun. I brought my girlfriend with me and she shot it like she was shooting it for years.
    The only thing id say is the sights that it comes with- well i havent tried all the settings but it takes a little getting used to. Over all i am very pleased with my purchase and i would recommend this gun to anyone who just wants to gun fire off some rounds and not spend alot of money doing it- tons of fun all day long!
    -Ill be posting an update as soon as i put some real rounds through her

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    Nov 16, 2008
    oops i think i posted in the wrong forum
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    Nov 16, 2008