Gulf war vet - Drs checking for agent orange harm

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    Harm to Vietnam vet like that of gulf war illness?

    Agent orange is blamed for what EGBE does
    It is not a match for what happened to the Vietnam vet

    My thoughts & why
    'Mother Margaret'

    Many in WWII were exposed to n-butyl ethers such as 2-butoxyethanol or diethylene glycol monobutyl ether in WWII. I suspect the diabetes and overweight issues that are becoming epidemic in our nation are 'birth defects' from our parents who were harmed by it ... then we get our own exposures so easily (in and out of the military) ... so ... I believe that overall we are dealing with an autoimmune metabolic problem and to find the harm of this chemical, those with direct exposure need to check for these things to find 'the common denominator: the fatigue. Doctors say they don't know what the fatigue is. If it's from this chemical exposure it is autoimmune hemolytic anemia that doesn't show up in the regular bloodwork - more things have to be checked for.

    When I heard that the only thing that is a stand out harm for the gulf war syndrome vets (more than the general population) was Lou Gehrig's Disease, I wondered about 2 things. Was it autoimmune? Apparently YES ... and, what could have been Lou Gehrig's exposure to n-butyl ethers, even 2-butoxyethanol? Invented in the 1930s ... it is very possible and should be checked into.
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