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    Ok, I'm sure this topic has been done before, but would any on here, beside me, resist and refuse to give up their guns to anyone? I'm talking about a total roundup with police coming to each home or business and just taking the guns without any notice, warning or payback. I almost think this won't happen because if the government places laws for banning guns and use of guns, then any gun used, except for law enforcement, will be illegal and the gun taken and the owner placed in jail for owning a gun if a gun is even shown to someone. Merely having possesion would be a hefty fine and jail time. What do you think?
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    Nov 29, 2009
    Resist and refuse? It depends. Jack gave some good info on this before too. I would resist and refuse until they tried to get my family in order to get to me.

    You'd be surprised. It could happen. And it has happened in other countries. With people on the liberal left like Rosie O'Donnell running around talking about how police are the only ones who should have guns, and all these other people cheering on like Hitler marching through Paris, there's alot of people that would give up the 2A rights for what they perceive as 'safety.' Then they'll see they aren't being made any safer, they're just being made into easier targets and they'll see that we were right all along.

    But I do not doubt that 2A supporters will put up a good fight. There are many people on our side.

    If anything, they won't do it all at once. It will be little by little. They'll ban assault rifles, then it will be handguns, until there is nothing left but our own two hands.

    If God had not wanted us to be able to defend ourselves, he would not have given us free will.
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  3. Maximilian II

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    Prohibition of just about anything just makes the "something" a commodity on the black market.
  4. Trouble 45-70

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    After being disarmed, just what do you think our misleaders have planned for us when resistance would be futile?

    Just look at the vision of Obamas circle of Czars.
  5. topper

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    Aug 2, 2006
    deep in the woods
    The way things look is that before too long we the sheeple will be disavowed of everything. Not just guns, but all freedoms and having to pay tons of taxes for virtually nothing in return and more and more restrictive laws. Why are people not demanding, marching in the streets, writing, calling our congresscritters to stop the overpowering government madness? Why? Because no one seems to give a flying flip anymore. Most are content to sit back and let someone else vote, express their views, make calls and write letters and send emails. Most only want to come home and sit in front of the tv and let the government do it's will. The time is NOW to stop this evil madness anyway we can before we are all PRISIONERS of a socialist government. Once in place a socialist government will never go away. We will be prisioners forever. When all our freedoms and money and thoughts and desires are gone, where will we be? America will never regain it's greatness unless we resist and fight the power mad, money hungry government. Healthcare is just a heartbeat away and when that happens, there will be such a cry in america like has never been heard before, but it will signal the end of freedom in america. It is so sad to see such a great nation brought to it's knees by a rove of criminals and thugs in washington. America was sold out from under us by a gang of thieves. The constitution apparently has no value anymore as no one even mentions it in any legal government business. Why? Because the constitution stands for law and order and has checks and balances against the very things that are happening in america today. Our country is being robbed and plundered by a band of federal justices and a supreme court and some appointed 'czars' and a president that has only one thing in mind and that is control. He promised change and we got it. Welcome to the new Amerika.
  6. petesusn

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    Disarming the populace is exactly what happened in New Orleans after Katrina. Many people still to this day have not gotten their firearms back.
  7. Hardballer

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  8. Trouble 45-70

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    Once the Farmers in the Ukraine were disarmed their land was seized by the Govt. When they resisted, the area was surrounded and crops seized. Nothing in, nothing out. Estimates of the resulting slaughter by starvation run from 12-20 million people. Men, Women and Children.

    Anyone seen the demonstrations for housing for all as a right? Wonder whose homes will be seized? Maybe starting with "firearms resistors"? They will be empty of course.
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