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  1. A few days ago I was reading an article about Prince Harry going back to Afganistan after he made the news in Vegas.

    One of the commentors to the article said,
    "He was with the Gukhas", like being with them meant therefore he was super safe.
    This piqued my curosity and I did some research and found this...

    "The Gurkhas are a unique unit in the British Army with a reputation of being amongst the finest and most feared soldiers in the world.
    The Gurkhas are military units in the British or the Indian army enlisted in Nepal.
    Gurkhas have been fighting as part of the British Army for almost 200 years, these are fearsome Nepalese fighters?

    Having served with an elite unit myself in Vietnam, I was damn impressed.

    Did a search on Zazzle (the people I have a store on) and found only 11 items out of millions pertaining to Gurkhas.

    Worked for a couple of days and now there are over 200. :eek:

    Have a look and feel free to forward to your favorite Gurkha friend or Brit :D
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    Jan 11, 2010
    i did a 6 month tour with The Royal Gurkha Rifles as a SNCO as part of the deployment in Cambodia

    we had a small group of 40-50 KR operating in the area and a call came in to take em out as they where firing on planes .

    well they had this spot set up with a few bunker dug in around the peak of a pyramid shaped hill

    no way up in daylight without being spotted and the 12.7 mm they had was rather accurate

    come night though ..

    come morning we had the 12.7 two mortars and a wombat recoiless that would have cut us to pieces if we'd had of tried a assault ( 105 mm canister and fletchette rounds )

    and a few dozen personal weapons and a couple prisoners to tell the tale

    good folks eh ..

  3. I was hoping you would chime in Jack.. :D..thanks
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    Jan 27, 2008
    People don't read much anymore, but the gurka regiments have always been know for their "efficiency".
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    Their cigars aren't bad either!

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    I like their traditional weapon. Very effective.
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    I heard a story once.
    A unit of Ghurkas was going to be airdropped into a risky behind the lines operation.
    The comander of the op informed the Ghurka's leaer that they would be dropped from a very low altitude <500ft.
    The Ghurka talked with his men, came back and said they felt they would be safer jumping from maybe 50".
    The commander sxplained that 50' feet would not allow enough time for the parachutes to open.
    To which the Ghurka replied, Ahh, we didn't realize we'd be using parachutes.
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    Nov 25, 2011
    Ghurkas are a legend over here, but all too often unsung heros.

    Joanna Lumley fought a campaign for justice for the Ghurkas-- --to allow them to settle in Britain.
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    OOoops .... My bad .... that was supposed to go somewhere else

    Sorry !
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    do tell
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    My grandpa was in India in ww2 he said they were good soldiers but didn't talk much he said he saw one of them behead someone with a kukris , he said if they drew their kukris they had to have blood on it before they put it up, I loved those stories when I was a kid
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    Jan 11, 2010
    true story eh
    a blessed knife MUST have blood on it before replacing

    these are knives passed down , not the issue knives most carry

    these blessed knives now bring thousands but you can buy standard Koukries for $30 from them

    the Ghurka where the group next to us on the line outside goose green , the second night three of their sgt's teamed up to snatch a prisoner , they got the intel officer , the CO the sgt mjr of the opfor (Argy's) and folks wonder why the battle the next morning was such a slaughter

    kids no leadership and we had all their positions and maps

    and later , chatting and having a beer they thought it was the best fun they had in years ..

    gotta love that attitude eh ..
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    Being a cigar aficionado myself you beat me to the punch on that one, I just finished a pack of them.

    Also the other GURKAS sound like one good fighting force!
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    Jan 11, 2010
    some pic's

    2001 agio cleaning up after a patrol

    training the ghurka's live fire with the royal Khmeri resistance

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    As a kid,i had a History teacher that had been a captain in the Indian Army in Burma during World War two,as CO of a Gurkha company,he told us at one point when the Japs were pressing his unit hard at the battle of Imphal in 1944 he lost his equipment including his dress uniform....his Gurkha batman was totally ashamed and felt that he had dishonored his "boss"by allowing it to be lost....the guy went awol and my teacher thought he had deserted.....crazy thing was a couple of weeks later the Gurkha batman turned up disheveled and emaciated looking like he had been dragged backwards through a thorn bush.....but you know what he had his captains dress uniform in immaculate condition and had gone back through Japanese lines to get it rather than face the shame of losing it....true story.