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    want a Gurkha story

    Sang Tung was a corporal in the RGR ( Royal Gurkha Rifles ) he parachuted in with the rest of his group along with the british paras to just north of goose green on the faulklands

    he and two others took 3 argy MP's clothing and stood up on a jeep type thing giving orders and directions and sending the argy support to the wrong area ( and to a rather nasty running ambush )

    he did that for a day and a half until a senior officier group came by at which they became Gurkha's again captured the officers and took em to their base

    sadly i forget the brit para sgt and the other gurka with them names , but i'd trained with Sang in one div battle school here a couple times
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    My father in law will not talk much abot his time in the Korean War saying no Christian should tell of the death he saw but if you mention fierce UN fighters of the war he talks of the Gurkhas and the Turks. He said you did not want to be on the bad said of either of those two. He tells very little but what he does tell from time to time is eye opening as to what he witnessed. Doing what he did, he was in constant contact with all different units from all UN countries in Korea. He and a buddy strung communications wire on poles when it was cut often by NK or Chinese snipers hoping on killing them as they repaired the wire.

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