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    Hello. I bought myself an old H&R shotgun model 1908 at Gander Mountain. Its a 12 gauge. Not sure of the year but its old but in darn good shape. I had the barrel off it today wiping it down and i noticed a marking on the right side of the barrel. It's marked H-P-R with the P being the largest letter of the 3. I have looked at many older H&Rs and never seen this marking. Any ideas??? I believe its chambered for 2 3/4 shells. I fired it five times with 2 target loads and a few hunting loads #6 shot and it worked fine. I don't think it has a short chamber in it since the 2 3/4 shells I'm shooting are opening up completely as they should and eject fine. Here are some markings on the gun

    Barrel on top is marked 12 GA CHOKE
    Left side of receiver is marked HARRINGTON AND RICHARDSON ARMS CO
    Note that it has flat sides on the receiver and doesn't have the round curve back by the hammer like some models. It also has a fixed hinge pin

    The stock has a square pistol grip and snap on forearm. serial number is A343XXX

    I confused on the markings and when it was made. Anyone feel free to help! Thank You!
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    It has all the characteristics of the 1908 - as you state. I have never seen those markings???? Are they in plain view or hidden by stock? FROM the s/n and pure speculation at this time, I'm thinking your gun was made after 1920 or so, maybe closer to 1930 and should have the 2 3/4" chamber.
    Please post a pic of the "flat sides of the receiver" and the "round curve back by the hammer". Fixed hinge pin, with snap off forestock is 1908 standard.
    Just a thought - the HPR may indicate factory proof on guns meant for export to British Commonwealth importers???????????????? As I stated just earlier today, I was able to find info indicating that H&R was licensed by England to "in-house proof" guns meant for export to them and theirs, without point of destination reproof. Would be interesting if that should proove to be true.

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    Hi Jim. I just bought a new camera and I'm still trying to figure out some of its features and how to get it going. (Technology...isn't it great? haha) I will be happy to send you pictures.. That barrel marking I was talking about is on the right side of the barrel....which is on the side of the receiver without the company name marking. When the barrel is closed you can't see the markings. you can only see them if the barrel is open or completely off the gun. The marking is not on the square lug on the bottom of the barrel. It's on the side of the breach. I have looked at many old H&R shotgun and never saw that before. My friend has an old 1900 with a removable hinge pin and short 2 1/2 chamber and he doesn't have that marking either. I though H&R stopped marking dates on the receivers around 1921? If that's the case, shouldn't mine be made during 1921 or before? I read somewhere else on the forum from B. Goforth and that's what he was saying. It's tough to find out all the info on these guns. Also note that this gun has the screw holding the barrel lock lever on the top of the tang. There is a screw in the middle at the top. Not sure if that can help or not. Just figured I would add that in there. Forgot to mention, the sides of the receiver are flat sides. It's the same receiver style as an H&R Bay State. That round curve I saw was from some of the pictures of your guns you posted in other threads.That round curve is almost part of the contour on the receiver like a 1900 receiver. It's back by the tang. Sorry. It's hard to describe. I will send pics as soon as the camera is working. Thanks! Will
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