H&R 1908 shotgun question for Mr. Hauff

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    Mr Hauff, that H&R shotgun is still at Gander Mountain for sale. I looked it over and it seems pretty good. I'm not sure if it was made for 2 3/4 shells or shorter ones. Not sure what year it was made either but here are some markings off the gun

    Left side of the receiver is marked:
    Top of barrel is marked 12 GA CHOKE

    The serial number under that tang is A343452

    The gun does have a square pistol grip, not the round type.

    Lastly, the barrel lever on the top of the tang has a screw at the top holding it on. My bay state doesn't have that screw on the lever.

    Thank You for any info. Will
  2. Jim Hauff

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    Apr 20, 2008
    Lehigh Valley, PA
    Taken some time on researching - not really studied before (as far as I can tell) is the screw vs non-screw in the top lever action break. It looks as though the screw type was used into the early '30s. The most modern example I have doesn't have the screw and a serial number (Model 08 STANDARD) in the 899K range and this 4th Var. dates from 1931- 1936 period. I don't know the production rates nor is there a guide with s/n to year info for this model (ANOTHER LONG TERM RESEARCH PROJECT). Bill G's notes indicate that the 2nd Variation of the M1908 was issued circa 1922 to circa 1930 - but there is no s/n range. This variation initiated the 2 3/4" chamber and had a "long, slim forestock". I'm strongly inclined to believe your gun with a 343K serial number was made during this Variational run and therefore should have a 2 3/4" chamber. This is based mostly on speculation and extrapolation. In conclusion: I don't have enough shotgun examples (I concentrated on handguns) to give you good solid advise. A Gunsmith can tell you within a minute, using a barrel/chamber gauge.



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