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    I have an H&R 7-shot 22 pistol I am looking for more information on. I have seen similar ones to this on this site but none that really match it. One difference I always see is this one has two screws that hold the grips on not just one as in other pics I've seen. Sadly although I'm sure the gun would fire, the trigger, lifting arm, and hammer assemblies have worn down to the point that the gun doesn't cycle correctly all the time. The information I have is below. Any details you can provide would be appreciated.


    Top of barrel:
    Harrington & Richardson Arms Company
    Worchester, Mass. USA Pat. Oct. 4, '87, Apr. 2, '95, Apr. 7, '96

    S/N: A287XX
    found under the top strap as well as on the bottom of the grip frame under the grips.

    S/N: 287XX
    found on the trigger gaurd when the gun is disassembled, twice on the cylinder(once on the cylinder and again on the ejector assm.), and also on the left side of the grip frame under the grips.

    No other engravings of any kind can be seen.

    Here are a few pictures.

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    the difference between you first model 3rd variation Premier 22 rimfire and others is the optional two piece over size grips and the longer barrel. it is believed these over sized grips were not introduced until the second model in 1905 so there is a very good chance they are not original to your gun.

    first model 3rd variation Premier's were manufactured in 1897 and 1898.

    (BLACK POWDER)-----------------------------------1895-1904
    Small fame double action top break revolver with double top post barrel latch; calibers and cylinder capacity, 22 rimfire-7 rounds, 32 centerfire-5 rounds; Free wheeling cylinder (no automatic cylinder stop); standard finish Nickel with case harden hammer and barrel latch; standard barrel length 3 inches, with 4, 5 and 6 inches available as optional; features a scaled down version of the new frame and double action mechanism introduced in 1890 on the Auto-Ejecting Second Model, does not have caliber marking on left
    First Variation, patent dates 10-4-87, 5-14-89, 2-23-92, serial number range 01*-15,000 (estimate)------------1895-April 1896
    Second Variation, patent dates 10-4-87, 5-14-89, 4-2-95, 4-7-96, serial number range 15,000*-20,000* (estimate)------------------May 1896
    Third Variation, patent dates 10-4-87, 4-2-95, 4-7-96, serial number range 20,000* to 100,000* (estimate)---------------------1897-1898
    Fourth Variation, automatic cylinder stop same patent dates as 3rd variation several different serial number series that may have letter codes---1899-1903
    Fifth Variation use different font in barrel markings and may have an A letter code in the serial number---------------------1904 -only
    VALUE: 100%=$285 60%=$75 Add 10% premium for blue finish; 20% premium 4”, 5” or 6” barrel; 20% premium for 22 rimfire caliber

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    Thank you for the information. I have included a few more pics since the grip was in question. Also, I'm not sure about the free wheeling cylinder. Anyway you can tell by the pics there is pretty extensive wear on the gun. I'm not looking to sell it I just like to know as much as I can about what I have.

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    Take the grip panels off - look on the inside surface of each one - if there is a number scratched there that matches the last 3 or 4 numerals of the serial number - they came with your gun. If there is a number that doesn't match - they came from another gun. If there is no number, then they were bought and installed after purchase of the gun.
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