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    I am preparing to auction-off an H&R 32 Gauge (14mm) from my father-in-law's collection, but I am confused in its exact identification. My father-in-law identified it as a Model 1900, but I find conflicting information in the bluebook. The bluebook says the 1900 was only available in 12, 16, and 20 gauge sizes and was a two piece takedown using a removable hinge pin. Every thing seems to be right for it to be a Model 1905 which apparently was available in 32 Gauge (14mm). However, the Model 1905 was only manufactured until 1916. This gun has a serial number of A50634, and I have been told the "A" prefix was not used until 1940. That possably would make it a Model 1915, which was manufactured until 1942. However, the Blue book does not list the Model 1915 being available in the 32 Gauge configuration. I am including photos. If anyone can confirm the ID I would appreciate it.

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    the one thing i have learned since i started researching H&R Arms Co. is 1940 was NOT the first use of letter code in the serial numbers for H&R. the A letter code was also used on the early model 1908 and 1915 before 1921.

    this is a model 1915 manufactured between 1916 and 1921. the 14mm gauge was a standard catalog offering until about 1936.

    MODEL 1915-----------------------------------------------1916-1942
    Single Barrel, Small Size Frame, Top Lever Break Action, Barrel Lock is Non-Self Adjustable, Three Piece Take Down (Non-Removable Hinge Pin), Available as Ejector & Non-ejector, 24, 28, 12mm, 14mm Gauges and 410-44, 45 Shot chambering, barrel Length 26,28, & 30 inches, Walnut Pistol Griped Butt-Stock Fore-Arm, Hard Rubber Butt Plate, Frame is Case Hardened and Barrel is Browned, Weight 4 to 4¾ Pounds. The 410 Bore can be Dated by its markings, 410-44=1916-1921, 410-12MM=1922-1936 and 410+1937-1941 (this is the only 410 Pre WWII chambered for the 3 inch shell
    First Variation identifying features- Slim and Short Fore-Arm --1916-1921
    Second Variation identifying features-Long Forearm, Squared off Pistol Grip, 45 caliber dropped --1922-1930
    Third Variation identifying features- Now Known as the Model No.5 Standard (which may be marked on the frame) --1931-1936
    Fourth Variation identifying features- 410 is chambered for 3 inch shells --1937-1942
    This Model was made available to the Mail-Order Trade as a Brand Name Shotgun
    VALUE: 100%=$365 , 60%=$155
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    I appreciate the information. It will make it much easier to describe it when I place it out for sale.
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